John Kerry is a douchbag but I'm voting for him anyway

Id rather see them try and win the upperclass twit of the year award.

Ok, Last uk election. Rory Bermmer, an imperserntist, managed to do Tony Blair (in makeup) several minutes before the real Tony Blair arrived.

Big Nutter
Ereter ererrterber cabbage eteana! (WT’s Robin Cook (UK Labor))

How about Laura Bush and Teresa Kerry instead for the mud wrestling?

For the mudwrestling, we’d definitly have to lower the age for presidency.



Big Nutter
This is going to be some time.

I would very much like to see the candidates fight to the death for the presidency. :mwahaha:

Kinda like that Star Trek shit with the deathmatch and the music with Capt. Kirk and Spock.

PLEASE tell me that is an actual site.

Sorry to break your heart, but I just made that up for humor’s sake. It would be hilarious if such a sight existed.

I’d pay to see that.

Perhaps that’ll go into my suggestion box…that and if I can learn how to create web pages and have the time to do it.
And if anyone wants to pay, it’ll be 5 cents a hit.