Jesus Christ

The gap between “gaming magazine” and “porn” is getting slimmer by the issue. Here’s a page I scanned from the most recent issue of one of the books my brother subscribes to:

<img src=“”>

I don’t know whether to be unsettled or overjoyed.

I like GMR. =(

You might wanna pick up this issue then >>;

That’s some tight ass (lzolz) spandex.

SC: Ghost got delayed? AGAIN?!

You’re the only person who’d look at the headlines when there’s a hot half naked girl in your face.

That’s because there’s one staring back at me in the mirror. >.>

Shit! I thought I made your side opaque and only mine translucent!

I reversed it in your sleep.

Wait wait wait, hold the phone… yous saying that sex actualy sells???

Very well. Ever been to amsterdam?

But hasn’t spandex been “out” since Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin? <strike> Implied sexual attractiveness is usually overdriven by the fact that you’ll probably have a 1st person view mode on all the time, giving you no real view of her pixely arse for the whole part where you actually commandeer her. Besides, I like breasts more than bums.</strike>

It explains so much.

Hey, I subscrtibe to Game Informer, and it delivers what it promises. If I want porn, I’ll look for porn. :slight_smile:

Nice ass… Mwehehe…

Sex and video games just go together, especially as graphics improve. Look at the Dead Or Alive series.

Well I dont’ mind a nice ass in a game, but one hopes this doesn’t go too far.

Ass is nice, but Hentai games, becoming the norm? Fun, but then video games would really get banned.

UH-uh uh, Spazzy. Parents wouldn’t buy their darling little kids games that would rot their brain, now would they? No, they’ll get it and then blame the game companies about how Little Billy has been the main cause to the massive Kleenex storages in their household…

I hate it when people counter my points with other good points.

I don’t think hentai will move too far into gaming. Even if it’s not as serious in Japan (which I have no idea if it is or not), companies are surely aware of the huge market they’d be screwing themselves out of by making too many ‘M’ rated games.

Then again, most parents in the US don’t really care what their teens are playing, since they’re the ones who buy the games for them. They only magically care when something bad happens, like the Columbine incident. Then it’s an anti-gaming bandwagon (It’s not my fault that my kid stole my un-locked, unhidden firearms; it’s because he played Doom and Unreal Tournament! Pointing a mouse is just the same as shooting a real gun! Ev0l!).