Jerry Falwell Dead at 73 I’m surprised this wasn’t posted already.

As for my feelings…(>^-^)> ~~ (>^-^)> ~~ <(;;o_o;;)> ~~ <(^^<) ~~ <(^^<)

EDIT: 984, fuck off and stop messing with me.


w00t. Good Riddance.

I keep a file of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” on my comp just for occasions like this, but I can’t seem to find it.

I only have one question: Where’s the gravedance?

Anyone that actually claims to have an opinion on this is just pretending/lying. And they want to seem like they keep up with bullshit. And I am not impressed with those people.

The second death this year worthy of me buying a cake for it.
Seriously, I’ll upload a picture tomorrow of a “Jerry Falwell is Dead” cake.

Stop pretending like you care one way or the other.

Stop posting like you have a place issuing commands.

<i><small>Edit: And join with the rest of us showing disrespect to the dead.</small></i>

I was too busy noticing how suddenly this morning our country became a much less hateful and much more beautiful place in which to live and raise a family.


When you piss off strangers, strangers get pissed at you.

I hope that people hate me this much when I die.

Then you’ll have to spend the next 50-60-odd years publicly decrying everything that happens as God’s punishment for people accepting something you don’t like, and by “accepting” I mean “not stoning to death.”

And for the record, speaking as a bisexual man here, if anyone tries to tell me that the Bible says gays are bad, I’m-a say “Yeah, the book of Leviticus says all kinds of crazy shit like that.”

Oh yes. That’s certainly a scathing rebuke there.

I hope you burn you son of a bitch! Wait, who are we talking about again? >_>

You’d be better off pointing out that most Christians believe that when Jesus was created the Old Testament was invalidated. You know, like how it’s not a sin for women to wear jeans or to eat shrimp now because they pick and choose out of those books what to believe. Not that anyone who uses the bible as a focal point to their argument is going to listen to the ravings of a homosexual, so frankly the entire point is moot.

Skirts, please.

I can’t look for the passage right now, but Leviticus says that basically “men cannot wear the garments of women and women cannot wear the garments of men”. So cross dressing is a sin, and by that logic when those uppity feminists started wearing jeans they sentenced every woman who decided woman’s rights was a good idea to hell. :\ But no one believes that because it’s ridiculous.

It looks like I got an early graduation present.