Ive got a trojan problem

Well turns out I have 3 of them in my computer. My antivirus software has prevented them from opening and causing whatever damage they do, thank goodness. In the meantime, Im stuck with scary notifications asking me if I want to enable access, disable access, or heal them. I tried to heal one trojan with my antivirus stuff but it turns out it can delete it, only store it away safely or something like that. I keep hitting disable access for the other two.

Im freaking out here. Im totally computer dumb, and if it wasn’t for my boyfriend giving me the anitivirus stuff, I figure I’d be totally screwed by now. I have no idea how to handle this further though. I’ve tracked down the whereabouts of the little shits and deleted all of them by ways of Recycle Bin but Im quite sure that will only put them somewhere’s else…or Im quite sure that I just totally frigged my computer further.

So far as I type, a notification hasn’t popped up…but even if one did I’ll just hit disable access…there is an option that lets me Always Disable Access for these things but Im worried about trojans just being there and being dormant on my comp. Would this be ok?

So what do I do? What should I do in the future?

Reboot in safe mode and run your Anti-Virus program.

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Yes. Um well…uh how do you reboot in safe mode?

If you have XP, just shut it down while it’s loading everything when you turn it on, then turn it on again.
Then choose to run in safe mode.

I have ME…

waits for backlash

ew >>;
There should be a shutdown option that lets you restart in safe mode.

I know that one or two Trojans came (or claims to come) from RPG Classic servers.

Not sure about XP this works with '95 '98 and ME, but if you hold (f5) or (f8) as the memory count in Bios finished until a menu with safe mode on it. if the Windows loading Picky shows your driver ‘blurb’ pops up, try again.

Big Nutter
I’m not sure which key to press.

So do I. Restart your computer and hit F8 while its on the Windows screen when you boot up.

I know there will be one or two geeks to disagree with me, but get Norton Antivirus. So far it has eliminated every trojan that tried getting into my computer. I receive some 2 trojans and a worm per week by email and they are deleted at first sight.


(10 10 10)

Interesting how no one else has complained about Trojan viruses attacking their systems through RPGC.

I was so ready to see, “I can’t get the wrapper off, HELP!” >_>

I’ve only had one major virus before and my shitty virus scan was able to remove it.

I’ve had problems with trojans. Free trials of jsut about any trojan program (McAfee, Nortan) should rid you of them. They’re “messy” in that they leave files about your computer when you install the trail, and after it expires they just sit there.

Still, I advise you just get a trail on google or www.download.com and use it. It won’t last forever (unless you hack or want to pay), but it should clear it your trojans for now.

As for the condom remarks…yeah, it went through my mind too, but out of respect for Evangelion I’ll pass on the joke cracking.

:too bad; I just sold my last pack

It’s F8.
And it’s the same in Windows 9X/ME and NT/2000/XP/2003.

Trojan HORSE, damn all of ya’ll!

Anyways well I have a new problem that surfaced when the trojan horses did. Whenever I turn on my comp, as soon as everything’s loaded and ready to go, my monitor turns blank…if it wasn’t for the light on the front I would swear that it shut off…and then after 10 seconds it’ll come back on, except my mouse capabilities will be gone, and everything’s frozen. This forces me to pull the plug on my computer and back in again, and then when everything’s loaded, it doesn’t go blank.

What is happening here?

Actually, Norton gives me hell. For the most part, Norton just “Quarantines” the virus’s, and I have no idea what that means. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Norton delete a virus.

Pretty Norton AV Corporate…