Ive got a trojan problem

Quarantining means it has blocked the infected file from any use, so they’ll be harmless in your computer. They may be then deleted in the quarantine screen.

Norton puts files in quarantine when it can’t repair nor do a direct deletion on them. This is done in hope that the antivirus will have better data on how to clean that virus by the next update and thus you may have a chance to unquarantine those files.

Why not just backup all your documents and format?

I have no idea how to format, so no. I pose a threat to my computer just as trojans do, so I’m taking the easiest way out.

I did the safe mode thing, ran the antivirus and found 3 again. One of them just keeps coming back, and healed, and then the other 2 will not be deleted nor quarantined…so I just track them down and delete them by ways of recycle bin…

Why don’t you have someone else to format your computer for you?

I don’t know anyone who would do that for me though…or could

This will solve your trojan problems.

http://www.linux.org/dist/list.html :mwahaha:

Insert your windows disc. Reboot your computer. It should boot from CD, then ask some technical crap. Basically, delete everything, and install it again.


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Get Norton, get a technician to format your machine, be more careful with email you receive blah blah blah…

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Info: Thats probably the best solution =P