I've given up drinking!

Yeah, I drank half a glass of what my friend and I called “Vodsi” after he mixed Pepsi and Vodka. I felt sick the next morning and it made me realize that drinking is not my thing. Yep, not more getting drunk for me. I know all of your mothers will be diappointed, but they’ll get over it…after many years of therapy. :mwahaha: Still, no more alcohol for me.

Pepsi and Vodka? that sounds like a horrible mix. I think Vodka would go better with juice or something.

VERY good for you, Info! I never bother with the stuff myself. :cool:

Yeah, vodka goes better with orange juice and/or some other juices to do Sex on the beach. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my friends likes mixing vodka with orange soda. He tends to do it half vodka, half orange soda though.


vodka COCA cola is not half bad, but I like it better pure
and Info, there’s no doubt in my mind that you are gonna drink again…
You won’t be able to resist

Way to ruin the forums, Info. I hate you now.

man that’s the only way you can do it. I mean, if you have more mix than alcohol, then it’s like you’re drinking an alcohol tinted drink, and if you have more alcohol than mix, then you’re just drinking a really bad drink.

Vodka… shudders Too strong for my tastes, too bitter, mixed or not.

Nope… I’ll stick with my sweet, sweet Kahlua, thank you =P

Edit: There goes the chance to make total asses of ourselves during a future drinking contest =P Not that I do it, but I wouldn’t mind challenging you =P

Well, I guess I shoulda mentioned he generally drinks it out of one of those big cups, like the really big plastic ones, you can get from convenience stores like 7-11 or something. And yes, I’ve seen him gone back for two or three refills. That was during his worst drinking stage though.

Two Words:

Yeah, right.

For that, I shall toast for you tonight! And then laugh heartily afterwards :smiley:

I’ll attend your competition… once I get outta the force and so on.


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best vodka mix

EuroTrip, anyone?

Dude, vodka + pepsi tastes like windex, of COURSE you were sick. Trust me, I know these things.

Drink nothing but “Sex on the Beaches” now. It combines the social fun of alcohol with the childhood charm of a candy store.

Why not try some tea instead? Hmmm! :slight_smile:

Good for you! The best of luck to you.