It's snowing...

So, it’s snowing pretty heavily here, has been since early morning. At around noon-ish, it was kind of a hard slush that felt hard when it hit you (I don’t know if it could’ve been called hail). Now it’s just regular snow again, but it’s thick, heavy and sticking around now.

Anyone else getting a good amount of snow?

Dude, you left out the best part.

Not only is the snow so thick you can’t see across the street, there is thunder and lightning!

How crazy is that?

Oh yea, I forgot that. It caused all the lights and shit to flicker.

I was in the bank and I was chatting <strike>up</strike>with a teller when it happened and she freaked out. It was awesome.

Wow. It’s just really damn snowy here.
God I hope the power doesn’t go out again.

I find it weird when people are scared of thunder and lightning. I think its cool.

Dogs are supposed to be scared of thunder and lightning, not people.

You notice it’s always girls that are afraid of thunder and lightning?

Maybe that’s why Cala’s not afraid of it.

No, I’ve known a couple dudes that were scared of thunder storms too.

Granted, they were huge pussies.

It’s snowing that bad here too, then again I think we’re in the same general area. It’s awesome! There’s so much snow that some teachers had to cancel there classes because they couldn’t get here. ^^

No, none at all, it isn’t cold enough.

We’ve got a crapload of snow. At least six to eight inches.

Did I ever mention you’re a whore Steve?

RAAAH, it’s snowing here as well. Has been since this morning, but it’s nothing that bad. There’s no wind. We’ve had worse snow falls so far, but nothing stuck around. I hate snow and particularly hate walking in it.

Hi I live in Canada

It snowed here last week and the week before. That’s about it though. It rarely snows here, so I don’t think it’ll be snowing again until the next year.

Rarely is cold enough here. I get all the Jamacain heat heading for Norway! It snowed recently but it didn’t stick.

Hello to the first blizzard of the winter season and it isn’t even winter yet.


This means I get to play football in the snow this weekend.


Ya, we got snow, enough for a…SNOW DAY!!! So, i didnt have school today, so that was sweet. But ya, we got a good amount of the stuff.

Man, I wish it would snow here. It only snows in the mountains and I don’t think it has started yet.