It's snowing...

wtf? man, all i get is stupid normal snow…

We got some snow in the middle of November, but not as of late.

I LOVE snow! Too bad Monday this week wasn’t a snowday, would have been the perfect day for it. The end of the Warsong Gulch Holiday and all

We got about an inch of snow here a couple evenings ago, and then most of it melted today.

Don’t remind me.

It’s summer here, and I’m going to the beach really often. Temperature here is 32 C by the afternoon (about 90 F).

Oh yeah, it’s the same temperature during winter too, so I’ll never see snow close. Only in movies. Not that I really would like to play in the snow. The stuff that forms in the upper part of the freezer is already unpleasant to me >_<, having it all around the place wouldn’t be so cool.

It’s been snowing here a lot, my car looks like a moving glacier if I don’t scrape it properly.

It barely ever snows here in beijing. Way too dry weather and all. but it’s fucking COLD. In germany they had state of emergency though in some regions I heard because entire villages were snowed in and all, and were without electricity and stuff for days. Which is remarkable, I can’t think of when it was that extreme last time.

Snow rocks, i love the stuff. I could do with out the cold, but its whats makes the snow, which gives me snow days. If i lived in a area where there wasnt snow, i would take a trip or vacation to somewhere that had snow, because the stuff is awesome, and its worth traveling for.(plus you can do a bunch of cool crap like snowboarding, skiing, sledding, etc.)

I can’t wait for January. We’re gonna get a few patches of ice on the road, maybe half an inch of snow… AND BAM! SCHOOL CANCELLED!

God bless the South. :slight_smile:

We’ve had snow for, like, a month here. And I still don’t like it that much, it’s just bothersome.

What he said. Although it’s strangely fresh in here right now with only 10 C. I guess it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying sorry for the 35+ she smacked us with during October.

I can’t say that i’ve ever seen snow, that’s gonna be strange when I get to Germany…

Thats Blasphemy! We’re gonna have much snow before christmas just you watch. well maybe not much to you downtownieans but it will be back!
The mountains will be covered with snow allllllll break!

I’ve never touched snow. My Mom’s always told me I’d catch a cold if I did.

All I know is, I’ve had two snow days pass through here in Texas, and so far as I can remember for the most part, they might as well be called Ice Days. My gosh, do I hate the cold, but we should at least have something that can redeem this abominable weather somewhat .

You will.
It can also cause halitosis, cancer, loss of teeth and obsessive playing of Sims 2.

(And just in case there are people here who can’t spot sarcasm even when it slaps them in the face: You won’t catch a cold by touching snow. You don’t catch a cold by eating an icecream, which is probably more likely since you eat it instead of just touching it. :P)

I had a snow day on friday, then, when I was leaving my friend’s house I practicaly fell about five times just going down the driveway because the snow was so deep.

That had to be last year, right? Hahaha I know someone who actually put some snow in a little plastic bag and froze it before it melted later.

Heh, it was really cool last year. It only snowed here ONE day - Christmas day. :D:D:D:D

I… I hate all your snow-living people. Its supposed to be hot as hell and instead its just warm. So no bikini’s yet.