It's a New Semester

So. It’s a new semester, and most of you have had some time to experience your classes. What classes are you in, and what do you think of them?

POLS 3100H - Political theory from the Greeks through Machiavelli. Seems okay so far. Seminar style. We cover Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, More, and Machiavelli. Probably some others too, but those are the main guys.

POLS 4150 - Political science research methods class. Basically, statistics for Polisci. Boring…

ANTH 4530 - Conflict and disease. Basically the history and science (science-lite, Sin) of biological and chemical weapons. Each person is going to have to do a 10 minute presentation later on; I’m doing mine on either the Biological or Chemical Weapons Conventions. Should be interesting.

GRMN 3840 - Some class on the history of Jewish culture in Germany. I added this at the last minute. I decided I didn’t want to take a class on the US Presidency because I had the professor before and abhor his teaching and grading style.

GEOL 3350 - The gem of the semester. Dinosaurs - Lifestyles of the Big & Famous in the Mesozoic. Fuck yeah. A class on dinosaurs. Roar.

Your classes sound really fucking cool asides from the stats one.

I’m stuck in the abdomen now until the end of Febuary. I’ll probably do head and neck sometime afterwards. We don’t have semesters, we just move from 1 system to the next (like heart, GI, head, etc). I can’t wait to do my PhD. -_-

Chemistry - Dunno… the teacher’s fucking stupid

Psychology - Same here

Advanced Biology - Been good so far

Honors Eng. 3 - Woo. Class with an INTELLIGENT teacher

Pre-calc - …The EXACT OPPOSITE of what I said about the last class. I shit you not.

Lymphatic system ftw

most of my classes just carry over from last semester, but this semester:



Civil Procedure


Legal Writing (Legal Research last semester)

Constitutional Law (Criminal Law last semester)

Inorganic chem

I have

Advanced Weight Training
AP US History
Spanish 4th Year
AP Psychology

History Reconstruction to WWII

Political Science 101

Web Page Design

Art and Experience (We get to do actual artwork in this class and it gets to be displayed all over campus…woohoo! :D)

I had exam break after Christmas, so my 2nd semester classes don’t start until January 31st.

Pure Math 20 AP
Design Studies 20
Social Studies 20 AP
Chemistry 20 (you guessed it) AP

All your classes sounds interesting, at least. I’m stuck again with the same stuff that I had for the past 12 years :smiley: I partially won’t even be able to choose the subjects I have for major. Sigh.

Latin 002 (ugh…too…slow. There are freshman in here. Not the bright, eager kind, but the kind that are hear to satisfy a breadth requirement. Ugh. I could do the entire course in a few weeks on my own, but “yay for formality”)

Greek 150 - more independent study. I’ll read the Illiad or the Odyssey. People used to do that in the 8th grade, I understand.

History 194 - Research writing. Continuation of another method-of-writing-history class. 2.5 hours a week, end goal is a 25 page research paper. Should be cake. Cheese cake.

The rest of my time will be spent on my honors thesis. I should have it drafted the first week of February. The rest of Feb 'til the end of April will be letting my committee tear it to pieces so I can build it back into a better form, repeatedly. Then i present it in May.

In addition, I might have to take another class or two since the registrar seems to have not payed careful attention to the paperwork (they wrote down the wrong list of required classes for my major - luckily I had everything they needed in my own records - oh, wait, did I say luckily? That’s not luck. That’s foresight.), and I might need to take a course or two to satisfy breadth requirements due to a couple rules nobody ever bothers to mention about not using two courses for the same requirement (which is allowed, up to a point).

I’ll also be liberating heads from their bodies in my continual and increasingly successful-looking campaign to get the damned technology department to replace the buggy laptop I paid for in my tuition with one that works.

I still have my three campus jobs, too. Money :slight_smile:

I graduated in December, so I’m just sitting on my lazy ass trying to motivate myself to get a job.

University Singers (it’s a chorale)

AM Jazz Band (Novice jazz band, since I haven’t drummed in almost 3 years and thought it would be a nice way to work back into it)

Symphonic Band (Same deal, only Symphonic Band covers various percussion instruments)

Humboldt Symphony (…Because I needed the extra units :P)

Piano 2nd semester

Contemporary Composition Techniques (Hell yes)

Vocal Performance Seminar (A class where the students work on songs - be them solos, duets, trios, etc. - and all the voice instructors in the music program listen and critique. It’s kind of cool to have a class with four instructors :P)

Voice Lessons

HIS150 European history before ca. 1770 AD
HIS160 Norwegian history after 1814 AD
HIS170 The Viking Age in Norway and Europe and the early Construction of a Norwegian Kingdom

Es211: Inclusion
Es212: Curriculum Theory
Es213: Issues in Education

Starting off Tuesday with a first lecture on education. Me and a mate of mine on the same course are going to have a running competition all throughout the next semester. My first challenge to him was to find the most interesting place to park his bike (he needn’t worry about parking violations, the college only has one clamp). Joint challenge on Tuesday is to see how smashed we can get before afternoon lectures. I’ve also been challenged to stay awake for a whole lecture- normally I’m out for the count after about 20 minutes. I still managed a 2:1 for last year though. :slight_smile:

MECH 543: Design with Composite Materials.
MECH 544: Processing of Composite Materials.
MECH 546: Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics.
MEC6318: Caracterization of Resins and Resin Transfer Molding Process.

My classes are surprisingly more interesting than they look. :stuck_out_tongue: A definite improvement compared to last semester.

MA241 Calc II
MUS100F Pep Band (just goes and plays for B-ball games)
PS314 Science, Technology, and Soctiey (fun debate class)
CSC 116 Intro to Java Programming
PE223 Intermediate Swimming (lots of hot chicks all in swimsuits)
HSS114 Scholars Forum (a program I do)
PY 205 and Lab: Physics I

Irish, English, Math, French, Biology, Economics, Business.

We don’t really have semesters, I’m going to do this up till the exams June next year. They’re divided up into different units, like in Maths, we just finished Trigonomotry and are going into Differenciation, but nothing like what you seem to have.

Also, Economics and Biology <3.

English Linguistics and Literature for the first half of the term, the rest of it will be dedicated to writing one huge essay on a subject we’re free to chose.

Senior year of HS, the big finale:

AP European History - Excellent. The teacher’s hilarious and he shows us PowerPoint presentations with the information he gives us so we don’t have to take notes, and occasionally we play games on the History Channel website. Whoo.

Probability and Statistics - I’m the only one in this course. No joke. The other Prob and Stat class was full and the only alternatives were to drop Choir or take advanced Calc, and since I had no wish to do either the incredibly awesome head of the Computer Department offered to teach me the course. Nice course, and I can go at the pace I want. Plus my midterm is a project as opposed to a test, which is a nice change.

AP Language and Composition - I’m an English student, but this course isn’t too great. A lot of stuff with syllogisms and constructing word-charts. Not the best, but not necessarily the worst either. Teacher’s kind of average.

AP Environmental Science - Very nice. It’s conceptual science, meaning I don’t suck at it like I did at Chemistry. Teacher’s great and he also allowed us to do a project for our midterm instead of taking a test.

Piano I - Teacher’s extremely funny, small class, we can all move at our own paces, and no homework.

Choir - Same thing as Piano since it’s the same teacher, except the choir is pretty big. We’re even going to Florida for a competition in April, whoo!

I REALLY hope I can take that at whatever college I go to.