It was a bomb, all right...

… because, as I’ve told you all many times, I think ATHF sucks. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking with it.

Was anyone in the area personally affected by that mess? Did anyone in the cities that didn’t shut down actually notice these signs?

They placed them in several cities in the United States. The only one that panicked is Boston, which has one of the stupidest mayors in existance. That’s really all you need to know. They’re fucking light brights. LIGHT BRIGHTS!

Also, I used to hate ATHF as well until I looked past the first season. The only funny first season episode I saw was the one with Danzig, and it’s not nearly as great as much of the later ones. Seriously rent it, or something. All I am saaaying… is give Meat a chaaaaaaaaaaance… uh… bad.

Oh, and note: ‘“It had a very sinister appearance,” Coakley told reporters. “It had a battery behind it, and wires.”’

Brilliant. I suppose you find flashlights menacing as well?

I’m sorry, but those are not hair questions.


(though I did kind of freak out and wonder what the hell was up with those bumps on Adult Swim last night)

Ahahah, that’s freaking ridiculous.

Bastin Police Commissionah Edwahd Davis called it “unconscionable” that the mahketing campaign was executed in a post 9/11 erah. “It’s a foolish prank on the paaht of Turnah Broadcasting,” he said. “In the enviahnment nowadays … we really have to look at the motivation of the company heah and why this happened.”

When I first told this my second response was exactly the same as the title of this thread. My first response fyi was me laughing at the story.

Mayor Quimby paging Chief Wiggum.

I heard about this yesterday at work since the TV in our breakroom was reporting… however, someone muddled the story along the way, and what I was told was that boxes were set up that contained photographs of a guy flipping the bird. Then, we pondered the possibility of someone setting up boxes with someone else’s picture inside as some crazy revenge plot… wild.

I saw somewhere that city officials were notified of the ad campaign several weeks ago, so this whole mess pretty much boils down to incompetence on the part of the city of Boston. On top of that, they apparently think that anything consisting of wires and a circuitboard is a bomb, which gives me some ideas of things to do with random crap from my physics labs.

Mission Accomplished

The UGA muffin bomb is still better.

When I first heard about this, my reaction was the same: this is really freaking stupid.


Muffin bomb

Was the episode where Meatwad is sold to a circus in the first season? I always thought that one was funny. Otherwise, I agree, it got so much better as it went on. I didn’t hate the first season, but I didn’t really like it. After that, it got amazing.

As for the scare, I still have no understanding of exactly how this caused a scare. I mean, there is no explanation for how someone thought a light-bright flipping them off was a bomb, other than, perhaps, mindfucking stupidity.
The fact that they will only answer questions about hair turns this from weird advertising into the realm of some weird absurdist performance art. It’s like something Dali would do.

I was just talking about that with my mom. She saw some things about it on the news. Apparently, the media thought it was Spongebob. Giving the finger. Yes.

This whole thing is filled with stupidity.

(And ATHF is good? I’ve only seen a little and I didn’t really like it, maybe I’ll record it next time it plays.)

Yeah, that just SCREAMS ‘bomb’. Do none of these officials have cable tv? >_>

“It had a battery behind it, and wires.”


I mean, wire + battery = just how many other possible non-lethal appliances? Besides, it was a freaking light board, a power source would be within the expected components, wouldn’t you say?

America, between you and me, you need to stop giving publicity to this particular side of you. We know you have smart people in there somewhere, let them make decisions once in a while.

Whever spacemen give me the finger, I hide under my desk, assuming they are mutated russians with spacenukes who don’t know the cold war is over. I’m the mayor Boston. Holy fuck, cows have horns! They are deadly! Get those cows! They’re Satan-Dracula! They live on the inside of the sun upon our farms! Oh dear God in heaven help us! I am to terrified to even fucking punctuate! Holy Shit! Cows! Holy Shit! Spaceman bird! Bird-man? Could it all be a cartoon network advertizing campaign? Fuck no, that’s what the Space Commies want me to think. Damn you Lennon/Lenin, you and your Space Commies and your rude gestures will destroy my beautiful ice-cream eating city. I like Ice cream, but there is a bomb on hand.
Holy shit, the bomb! My god, is there enough time?
Oh, Satan, let me just run my fingers through the hair of Esmeralda!

OMG!! They set Boston up the Bomb!

First off, I’m surprised that noone has said this yet. Someone has definitely dropped the ball on this one.

Also, which non-anime AS show doesn’t blow?

And finally, Wasn’t there some Tick villian that used muffins as grenades? (I think he was called the Baker)

Futurama and the first run of Family Guy. Other than that, most of AS, anime included, sucks.

That’s because we’re sensible enough to try and LET IT DIE and not say “OMG” without a trace of irony.

Also: the muffin bomb was awesome. XD