It sucks to be European


I think Europeans are buying the games from here or Japan and selling them at a higher price but at a sooner time than competitors. Guess who wins.

This should only apply to games that are going to be released in Europe. Nintendo of Europe won’t be capitalizing on Nintendo of NA’s profits from the imports. But if it’s not going to be released there, better to profit overseas than not at all.

I fail to realize , to this day, as to why the europeans require fucking over like this.

They don’t require it. They’re just an easy target.

Duh, just look at TD.

Europeans already had it pretty bad. .hack//INFECTION hasn’t even come out in Europe yet.

That really sucks though for everyone in Europe.

They just need game devloping companies to go over there. And that won’t happen until they drop taxes. Hooray for Socialism!

Paxton, that made no fucking sense. All nintendo and co need to do is ship their god damn shit.

True, but they need to translate it as well. Europeans seem to behind on several games. A foreighn exchange student from over there said that we are quite ahead of them in video games. They have thier own local markets, but from what I know nobody is big-time. If someone is, I wanna see thier games here. Chances are if they hit it big over there, they’ll do better here.

And I do agree that Nintendo should get on the ball and actually ship thier games.

Paxton, Generally they distribute the games in English there, because it’s a second language for just about everyone. Hell, FFX-I had English voices I believe.

Yeah the exchange student said that as well. I dunno why I said they needed to translate em…

Meh. Its 1 o’clock in the morning.

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Duh, just look at TD.



I’ve imported games three times until now. Turtles in Time, Top Gear and Final Fantasy 9. “Gee, I’m such a little bastard for ruining their finances…”

Does Nintendo even have any legal right to prevent a store from selling Nintendo products? Because if they are importing them anyway, they don’t need to buy them from Nintendo. Global companies just like to control the markets, to know what is being sold where…same thing with DVD region encoding…

<img src=“”> Yeah, we knew that it sucked to be European already Sin :stuck_out_tongue: But meh, I’m probably just going to import it from stores overseas. Imported games here are around 90 euros, which is kinda much more than what you’d pay if you’d actually import it yourself.

What’s new? We’ve always been neglected when it comes to games. I’ve never understood why, though. I’ve heard it blamed on a lack of interest in anime/rpgs in general, but I know many people who wouldn’t mind a few more of either over here. Maybe if they released more foreign games over here, there wouldn’t be such a market for buying imports cheap and selling them for high profits.

Doesn’t surprise me at all.

Import in store = 90 E (Which is HELLA costly.)
Non-Import in store = ??

The difference goes in that store’s pockets.

I think Nintendo doesn’t like enriching video game stores nor does it like not being able to control where their profits are made. Besides, in the video game companies’ minds, anything that shafts the Europeans is good.

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Besides, in the video game companies’ minds, anything that shafts the Europeans is good.

this is true. too true by far. although, it ain’t just video game companies. its pretty much any company whos goods require the use TVs and/or monitors.

why do you think I buy Australian anime DVDs? because if I waited for an official release that you could actually find, I’d probably be waiting till Satan opens an ice rink…

Euro distributors suck muchly…

Step 1: Either make European TVs change to the NTSC standard, or go the other way around (make American/Japanese TVs PAL).

Step 2: Remove that ridiculous region coding shit, so people can play games from other countries.

(Actually, I think a lot of European TVs do support NTSC input, so step 1 could be omitted.)