Is there a possible sequel some to FF 8 coming soon?

What Vanguard is saying is that Edea passed on her powers to Adel at some point. I’m just refuting the statement. And I agree with Eva by the way, it’s probably true that they aren’t the same person.

okay, nothing, however, what makes you so sure that the did not PURPOSELY leave something out, to flip your lid when a sequel came out? Really what is held out in seven that needs resolving that was not held out in eight? Answer that? What was held out in seven?

Aeris. Zack, kinda. Sephiroths way too easy death at the end. Cloud and Tifa and Aeris. Cid and Shera. Pretty much all Vincents past. Clouds father. How Red got his mate. I could go on.

Aeris is an Ancient, like Sephiroth, which means, like Sephiroth’s human mother, she would be hard to kill. So both Aeris and Sephrioth are alive and getting ten times of nasty with each other to repopulate the Ancient population, Red XIII got it on with a human chick, after all his grandfather is human, Zack got full of holes by the Shinra, Cloud is making sweet, sweet, love to Tifa as we speak, Cid and Shera are the FF version of the Honeymooners, which only leave’s Cloud’s daddy and Vincent’s past in question.

Anyother Questions?

With eight there is the question of Selphie and Irvine. After all, selphie dumps the cowboy after he video tapes the library girls, and keeps his stupid hat. So what happens there, huh, HUH?

Sephiroth’s human mother was Lucrecia who was human, not Ancient. It’s Jenova who made her hard to kill. And I think the Grandfather thing was just a sign of respect because he raised him.

That’s one thing. And I don’t care. But since you ask, Irvine got with the other girls of Garden causing Selphie to fall into depression and kill herself.

Ah so the tabloids would have you believe, but in actuality, she now owns a sugar factor and has become a candy dominatrix.

That could happen. Although, I can kinda see her ruining the mill by eating all the sugar.

She has a contract with her partners, Rikku and Yuffie, if she eats more than her weight in sugar, they get all her stocks. Selphie wouldn’t like that. Her boyfriend Barret would be mad.

Sephiroth’s/Aeris’ fate. Did Tifa and Cloud get together? Who did Red XIII mate with? And more important of all…did everyone die when Holy hit?

And Red’s grandfather wasn’t his real father. It’s generally assumed that it was just a name and Bugenhagen raised him from infancy (since he is still a kid)

I suppose so, but I believe that his grandfather said something about Red being his dauthter’s son.

Edea passed her powers to Rinoa. Adel got her powers from un-known origins.
Here’s the deal with RedXIII calling Bugenhagen “grandfather”. Look at Cosmo Canyon… it’s a very NAtive American setting, and calling the elders “grandfather” is a respectful courtesy to them.
As to Sephiroth’s easy death at the end of FFVII, that fight took place within Clouds mind, as he defeated the Sephiroth that was apart of himself(the part Sephiroth liked).
Sephiroths mother was Lucretia, who was injected with Jenova Cells while carrying Sephiroth, this mutated both mother and child. Jenova was not an ancient.
As to who Nanaki mated with, it is very possible that he was not the last of his species as believed, or as Hojo pointed out, he could cross-breed with humans.
Which comes to my final point. I very much doubt Holy wiped out the human race because… it was humans who were fighting to save the planet. True, humans did end up almost-killing the planet, but there were still humans willing to fight to stop that(AVALANCHE). Humans were also responsible in putting an end to Jenova, who was the GREATEST threat to this planet. If you stacked up the evil deeds of humans with the good deeds, why must the evil deeds weigh more ? People are always too quick to say “humans are inherintly evil monkeys” sure, humans murder, and commit atrocities, but there is also good in people. Some may say “ohh, he’s a worthless drunk” well, maybe that worthless drunk helps old ladies cross the street ? or carries groceries for them ? Dont just look at the bad and say “die evil monkey!”

BL, you are right, there were people fighting to save the planet (namely AVALANCHE), however the nearly the rest of the population did not really care about saving the planet, and were only worried about themselves. During which time they continued to use Mako energy which is the planet’s life. So the planet could easily have seen the human race (in general) as a threat to it’s existance, and therefore had Holy wipe them out.

As for what Red’s “grandfather” said vanguard, he more than likely said, “You really are your mother’s son” OR something along those lines, I don’t know for sure. But no matter what Bugenhagen said, he was not Red’s biological grandfather, he was just the elder of th village who took care of Red after his parent’s died in battle.

Yeah, I always wondered how a legless floating old man would have ended up with a lioness-tiger-thing in order to be Red’s gramps…

It wasn’t exactly stated either that Red was the last of his species. The statement was quite vague and seemed to only refer to his “tribe”. I read a plot analysis on gamefaqs and ffc and I believe that they both say this.

I think it was, “I’m the last of my kind.” Hojo says they’re on the brink of extinction. I suppose that could mean that there are more out there, just not very many.

Guys, what are you TALKING about? Clearly Rinoa IS Ultimecia! That’s why she fought Ultimecia at the end! She wanted to commit suicide! Don’t you guys get it!?

Hades, thou hast unclouded my eyes ! Forget the paradoxes of time travel and coming into contact with yourself in the past !

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