Is there a possible sequel some to FF 8 coming soon?


Does anyone know if there is a Sequal, movie or otherwise to Final Fantasy 8. I heard something close to it in Electric Gaming Monthly a year ago, when the director of the games tried to dispel the rumors of a Final Fantasy 7 sequel. He mentioned not only 7 but 8 too.

No plans whatsoever. Sorry.

Damn it again! The gal who played Penny in the Lost in Space movie, and Eliza Thornberry in the Nickolodean show would have a great voice for Selphie.

You would be talking about Lacey Chabert their…

And no, as far as I know their are no plans for an ff8 sequel.

It’s like I’ve said: There’s NO NEED for an FF8 sequel. Unlike FFVII, every detail in FF8 is cleared up by the end.

I would have liked a sidestory where you played the game through Seifer’s point of view, though. They could call it “The Sorceress’ Knight”

Almost completely resolved in any case.

Unlikely, but wouldn’t a Laguna adventure be something?

Give Selphie her own series, that would be fun. Even the bad guy would be cute and fluffy.

I would have liked to play through the many adventures of Laguna, Kiros, and Ward.

Maybe there will be a cell phone adventure with them, Laguna and Co. much like there is going to be with the Turks (which I still say sucks ass, since I do not own a cell phone).

Who needs a cell phone when you have some string and a couple of soup cans ?

I think a sequel with Laguna and buddies would suck. We know everything that happens to them so that completely negates every sense of surprise and fun storyline wise.

We don’t know the whole story with them Evangelion, and we don’t know if Rinoa and Ultimicia are the same person.

Actually we do know. Because they ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON!

And like Eva said we know pretty much everything that happens to them, through the 6/7 laguna dreams sequences. And the chat you can have with Laguna in the game.

What proof do we have that they are not the same person?

The burden of proof is to prove they are the same person, not that they’re not. And I’m still of the strong opinion they’re not, for the simple reason that Square wouldn’t hide such an important fact so deeply.

Unless of course they planned a sequel :), but seriously, how did Ultimicia know about Griver then? Or even had him? Remember Rinoa had the Griever ring.

I’m not going to get into this kind of conversation because it’s so darn vague. But you should note that Griever was also on Squall’s gunblade case as well as on his necklace, not just his ring.

So then how did Ultimicia know about Griever, she was never in Squalls head to know.

She’s a sorceress, for God’s sake. You’re telling me the only way she can “know” things is if Squall tells her himself?