Is the PSP and games Region Free?

If I buy a PSP here in Ireland, will I be able to play american games on it?

Most people tend to not buy games on the PSP, jsyk.

(though for the record, I’m not saying this to dissuade you from getting one, its not a bad machine albeit its price tag, and it also wasn’t meant to be a stab at its relatively small library of interesting content, though I could’ve meant that).

Oh I’m sorry. I thought I asked if an Irish PSP could American games. I guess it is easy to mistake that for “does the PSP have a shit library?”

The PSP is region-free. You can play games from all over the world. And it goes both ways, too: Since Europe got the PSP release of Tales Of Eternia, I can import that from your side of the ocean. Globalization is lovely.

The PSP itself is not region free. I have no idea about the games.

Make sure you get as old of a model as you can. Also not the piano black slim.

GSG is implying what I meant: hacks.

I’m just offering pointers.


Sooooo? What doth’d you end up getting?

How can a system be region coded but not the games? Isnt the whole point that being region free lets you play any games?

and yeah, I just imported BoF3 for the PSP from Europe to the US recently. Its not region coded.

I didn’t get it because someone said it was region free, then some said it wasn’t. So now I’m confused. Goes to yahoo answers

It doesn’t matter if you hack it, which is what everyone does. Then you can use it as an emulator for PS1 and other games.

Region free, dr

Do not get a 3k or pspGo!

Bitch, please. When did Y!A ever cure confusion? You are more likely to cast a Cure Confusion spell than find an acceptable answer in Y!A.

Hahah. Yeah it is RF. It even said on the box here at Tesco - region free or region 2.

Thanks a mil.

And YA has helped me more times than I’d think it would.

whats wrong with the 3000? thats what i have.

You can’t hack it all the way.

I don’t give a fuck about hacking them. I just want to play fucking games on them.

Actually I would like to be able to Access PSN from the US when I get back… also can I access PSN from my PSP, or do I need the PS3 as a go-between?

You don’t need a PS3.