Is Mario a Communist?

I knew it. I always knew it. That’s why playing so many videogames led me to reject the capitalist feeding of companies through the legal commercialization of their games and got me into downloading roms, which are free for all.

Saw it a couple years ago. Havent really played any mario since, that communist bastard.

Yes, but what does that make Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic is a drugster. C’mon, a hedgehog that keeps spinning all day, living in a chess-pattern land, he must abuse some herbs and mushrooms.

DIE, DRUGGIES! [/maxforce]

Mario isn’t a commie, he’s a dictator:

eh thats a pretty convincing argument. But one key factor is natinality italian, russian related? slighty but not really. Though I guess italy was facist at some point or something right? Nonetheless, Mario never “disposes” of the queen. And as shown all the people in mushroom kingdom hate king koopa.

Yes, during World War II they were facist.

So, does that mean Luigi is part of the green party?

And Wario is a liberterian

So what’s Waluigi?

Stalin was a dictator and he was Saddam’s idol.


Dear Friend,

The news we get from Italy is extremely scanty. It is only from the foreign (non-communist) press that we have learned of your Party Congress at Bologna and of the splendid victory of communism. I send my heartfelt greetings to you and all the Italian Communists, arid wish you every success. The example of the Italian Party will be of enormous significance to the whole world.
-V. I. Lenin

Viva Italia! Viva partia! Viva comarade Mario!

Interesting read, but I have a comments to make.

…and even watched the piece of shit movie “The Wizard” starring the young, chubby cheeked miscreant Fred Savage because Super Mario Brothers 3 made an appearance.

Why does everybody hate “The Wizard”? I liked that movie damnit.

But aside from the slightly racist stereotyping of Mario and Luigi as food loving, NY fat bodies with ridiculous Italian accents, was there anything really insidious behind the scenes?

Mario was the fat one. Luigi was actually skinny.

Even Toad, who oddly enough gets captured in every world, seems only able repeat a singular phrase.

What the hell was this guy expecting for a game made in the 80’s, Toad to whine an entire sob story?


I never saw it but I haven’t heard many good things about it. (I hope it’s the movie I’m thinking about)





Scared noise.

Why are you scared? You have nothing to be afraid of?

You owe me 3 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.