Is Mario a Communist?

Communist Mario=Meep

lol, now that it’s been mentioned, he does look like Stalin. :hahaha;

Meh, you’d probably have wasted them anyway.
And what about DK? Hah?

I always knew he swung that way! Ahh, I love Mario. :slight_smile: No game moves me more than Mario can. No one will EVER be as good as Mario. He is THE king. Fucking PERIOD

And Luigi is with Greenpeace?

LMAOROTFL THAT IS JUST HILARIOUS. not that it can’t be true but that article just makes me laugh. really, what people will think of. that skull flag looks kinda like a peace sign, but come on. thanks for the laugh nagumo, tell me if you find anything on communist kirby or something.

Da! Comrade TrillianOV.

No, Mario is the all powerful dictator. He disposed of the king.

I hate it when Mario gets the spotlight. That’s it. I’m starting a Mario boycot. No more Mario for me, only Luigi. LUIGI, LUIGI!

Communist Mario…heh heh heh…:biggrin:

But communist Mairo fights for the people against the Bourgeois. He gives the Proletarians hope that someday the chains of Capitalism will be broken and peace will be restored. :mwahaha:

Oh my God…that’s hysterical. I never thought about that until now…

So, you’re with Greenpeace too?

Apparently, Ash is, too

I just wish he looked like that in my Pokemon game