Is low-carb madness getting out of hand?

You decide.

yeah, a lot of things ARE low-carbs now.

Low carb beer and a brand of low carb breads/pastas something with the name dream in it, thats what i’ve seen advertised. Oh so thats what c2 is low carb coke -_- argh, tried some of it but its blah tasting.

No it’s not. The low-carb diet is good, the companies trying to cash in are going too far. Low carb products taste like shit, the only things that are worth having on the low carb diet are the Atkins brand stuff or the naturally low carb foods.

LOL, zero carb water! XD

0 carb water! 50 percent less carbs then regular water!

I know, it’s bullshit. It’s fucking expensinve too. a box of low carb cereal is 5 bucks! That’s about half the size of a normal box of cereal too. Low carb dairy products is rediculous too. It’s already low in carbs. Eat some vegetables or something. The cancer society has confirmed what any intellegent human being already knows-It’s… BAD for you!

This fat bastard seconds that cartoon!

Hey, I think these low carb things aren’t bad! Not that I"m on the diet or anything.

Last week I went to Big Boy and got a low carb bacon burger. Basically, it was a burger without the bread. It tasted better than the real thing

This new asian resturaunt opened up around where i live. Its owned by two white women, and they server low carb asian food. You know what that means? IT MEANS THEY DON’T GIVE YOU FRIGGEN RICE!

mmmmmm rice… dammit, now I’m hungry!

I third this flash.

And why people have to go in such diets,for me the best diet is:
1.Eat less of those fattening foods you eat.
2.Replace with more vegetebles and fruit
3.Get up that lazy ass and do some exercise if you can’t leave home because you play to many games buy yourself the DDR mat and game and use that.

God, I can’t stand the low-carb craze going on.

No, you’re not obese because you eat too much carbs, you’re obese because you don’t stop eating and don’t exercise.

Now go outside and take a walk!

Eating Low-Carb food is like eating… Low-food food. Carbs are like the only thing that matters. Explain to me why people would want to avoid them. Actually, don’t. This thread is stupid and I’m not coming back. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Its getting to the point where I want to grab this country by the throat, shake it back and forth, and shriek “CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU! You fools!”


Wake me when this long national nightmare is over, and low-carb diets have gone the way of Pre-Torn Jeans and flock-of-seagulls haircuts.

People like the Atkins diet because it has fast results. My friend lost about 15 pounds on that diet in a month, but it made him feel absolutely awful.

The ONLY healthy way to lose weight is through exercise and a balanced diet. That’s too much work for most people though, so we’re still going to see a huge amount of stupid dieting techniques in the future.

Atkins is different for everyone.

And yes, carbs are good for you, but not a lot, obviously. Just like some fat is good for you, but not in excessive and continuous amounts.

I lost 44 pounds in about 2 months with the Atkins diet, and not only do I feel great, but I did keep it off, and I was able to go back to my regular eating habit (As in, my eating habit when I STOPPED gaining weight, obviously I had a terrible eating habit at one point that caused me to gain a lot of weight), and the weight is not coming back. So, no, I don’t think the only way to lose weight is to have a balanced diet. In fact, having a balanced diet should technically not make you gain OR lose any weight. That’s why it’s balanced right? :stuck_out_tongue: Excersize of course helps, but you can excersize and get the same results, regardless of your diet (Unless you really do overeat, in which case you just need to practice self-control).

I’m gettin sick of this low-carb craze shit. You don’t need that to loose wieght. I’m not trying to offend anyone but all you need to do is eat less, eat better foods, and exersize. I’m over wieght but I’m trying to loose wieght the old fashoned way. I am eating less now all I need to do it eat more fruit and veggies and excersize more. I do exscersize just not a whole lot.