Is low-carb madness getting out of hand?


Gonna vouch that the diet works pretty well, though(at least the Southbeach version) without getting me or anyone in my family sick.

Yeah, I’d say it’s gone way out of hand. The media blitz and everyone acting like it is the magic pill (like every other magic pill out there). sighs I have nothng against the atkins diet, besides doubts about it. But “low-carb” this and “low-carb” that… one commercial I heard on the radio acted as if eating carbohydrates was the equivelent to smoking crack. I dunno if it’s a parody, but it just sickened me.

It’s just that since everyone is so in love with the “low-carb magic pill”, that if you’re not seen as low-carb, you won’t sell jack shit.

Anyone want to aid me in the nuking of America? This is geting out of hand.

My, my… isn’t it really all about not taking in more than you use up? Which is why vegetables and excercising help. I didn’t bother remembering of what, but if you just sit around all day, you really don’t need lots of energy, and it’s not like the surplus will just evaporate.