Iron Man

Is every bit as good as it was made out to be. See it :open_mouth:

First movie in a long time that I had to pay for instead of going in for free. It was worth paying for.

I think Downey’s performance really buoyed the film. The characterization of Stark was perfect. I also enjoyed the fact that (spoiler alert!) this wasn’t some burdensome power forced on him. He’s fueled by sheer ingenuity with little emo-drama involved. I dug the last twist. Really, the last line of the movie.


Haha yeah, the last line is such a perfect reflection of Stark

And of course, the day I go see it, a storm hits and the power goes out. ::dekar!::

I swear, if I were superstitious, I would be convinced I’m cursed by now.

I will eventually see it, don’t worry. And let you all know what I think.

It’s not at all as good as it was made out to be. It’s WAY BETTER than it was made out to be.

I love all the small references to the comics. This is definitely one of the best superhero movies ever. :slight_smile:

I never thought much of the movie, as I was clueless about the character. But when I saw it netted a 94% on RT, I decided to watch it. Best Superhero Movie since Spiderman 2.

My biggest problem with the movie was that the villains for the first half of the movie were all middle eastern. I don’t know if that’s how it was in the comic or anything, but I find that so fucking stupid. Since 9/11 every villain ever seems to have to be from fucking Iraq, and it’s getting so old and tiresome seeing that shit all the time. That’s my ONE qualm. The rest of the movie was flawless.

I dunno much about the comics. But from what I’ve heard the initial baddies were Russian (zomg Commies!). So, I guess the film continues the tradition of using the current political boogie men.

I’ll probably see it tomorrow when crowds are a bit lighter.

Looks absolutely horrible; defiantly not a movie I’d ever want to see.

I can’t even justify seeing it for full-frontal, since he is both ugly, and clothed.


It’s out already??? Dammit, I’ll have to wait till next week to see it. ;-;

I must say that I really enjoyed the movie,it’s true what Dragon says best superhero movie in a long time.I also hope that all of you waited after the credits were over for a surprise NICK FURY!!!AKA:Samuel L Jackson

Also a friend of mind noted that the first half villain was the Mandarin or at least the organization references him as its’ called the 10 Rings.

The original Iron Man villains were North Vietnamese; it was set during the Viet Nam war. Last time I looked, the origin in the comics is STILL set in Viet Nam, except now it was decades after the war (the villains being agents of The Mandarin, a later foe of Iron Man’s.) Since the whole point of the character is how his weapons ended being used against Americans, I guess they needed some kind of conflict to set the movie in. But just to avoid any Iraq reference, they set it in Afghanistan instead. And you know, most terrorists from the Middle East are, well, Arabic, so it can’t be avoided. I guess they could’ve invented some multinational terrorist group ala Cobra, but that wouldn’t have been as realistic. (And we’re getting Cobra soon anyway- yep the G.I. Joe movie is coming too!) From what I hear, the origin is still pretty close to the way it was, up to and including the clunky Grey Armor; I wasn’t expecting them to include that! Oh and Stane came much later, but he does make a more realistic villain than the Mandarin. I’m sure we’ll get him for the sequel, though.

The director said he wanted to maintain some sort of realism in the story. He also wanted to use a lesser known Villain.

It goes with the times. Back in the 40’s, all the enemies were german, in the 50’s they were russian, in the 70’s they were Chinese or Vietnamese. It makes it easier for the people to rally around the hero.

GOD DAMNIT I MISSED THE POST-CREDITS SCENE Hilariously enough, The Ultimates Nick Fury was based one Samuel L Jackson :smiley: … “I get to wear an eyepatch? Goddamn, I’m in!”

… But I loved every moment of the movie. One especially important scene for me was how they made the flight scenes. Sure, it’s the most “duh” power but it kinda has a special significance to me when it’s well-delivered.

Saw it.

Yes it was awesome.

The end.

Well, one thing’s for sure: the movie is a hit. It made 100+ millions in America alone this weekend:

Of course, that’s THIS week. Lately movies have been opening big only to begin to flop the next week (“Cloverfield”, anyone?) Though I suspect Iron Man has legs; for one thing, there’s that “Damn, I missed the secret scene!” thing, and for another, it’s May already and people WANT blockbusters already; and quite honestly I see few movies that can challenge it anytime soon (No, I don’t think Speed Racer will be a hit.) Maybe Dark Knight or Wall-E. We’ll see.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Saw it. Loved it.

Some notes of interest:

-I was pleasantly surprised that Gwyneth Paltrow could bring dignity, courage, and believability to a chick named…erm…Pepper Potts.
-NICK FURY YAYYYY! :slight_smile: Avengers, not so much yay…Captain America is not my favorite.
-After the line “his escape bore unexpected fruit,” my friend and I had the exact same reaction at the exact same time: “His escape got somebody pregnant?!”
-More adventures of my friend and I: We had fun imagining that Tony and Yensen were a couple, and after that Tony had a steamy love affair with everyone he talked to. Everyone (press conference peeps excluded). Then, after the very last line- come on, you know which one- about twenty people burst into the room angrily demanding why he was cheating on them with about nineteen other people. Thus ensued comicdom’s largest-ever multigendered, multiracial catfight.
-I actually didn’t mind the whole Middle Eastern thing. I see it as a good sign, that we are following in an old pattern. After all, every decade had their hated foreign demographic…and by the next decade, they’d gotten over it. I see it as a hopeful sign that by the twenty-teens, we’ll have gotten over all this crap. (Although I’m not sure who the 90’s kids had to hate. Maybe Cobra?)
-Those were some long notes of interest. Sheesh.

So yeah, definitely the best comic book movie since Spider-Man 2.

People wanted to see what the fuck cloverfield was about after the rampant hype machine and viral marketing campaign.