Ok, so I’m out with some friends, cruising for burgers. We come across this cool shop with incense and stuff, and it smelled cool, but we didn’t really notice it had incense until we poked around. So I go inside and I find this cool dragon type thing. Being a nifty dragon lover, I think , cool beans, I’ll get this. Then I notice that it’s an incense holder, so I go get some french vanilla incense.

I was just wondering, does anybody else around here like incense? Does anybody here use it on a regular basis? Stoners included.

Incense is nothing more than stuff people use to cover up the smell of weed. Though I should use it in my room because when I start growing things in my wardrobe, it starts to smell like a dungeon…

I haven’t really gone out and bought insense, but I think it’s alright. I’ve seen quite a few dragon insense holders, they’re pretty sweet. I’d probably get a skull one though.

Insence is gross, why would anybody want to have sex with a family member?

I like insence. I have two holders, one is just plain wood, another has a yin-yang at the end. My favorite smell is Frankencense. Dunno why, but i like to let it age a little bit so it smells diffrent. That’s the only smell i ever really got into. It also works great for setting off fireworks.

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I like insence…
You disgust me!

I’ve never accualy burt any myself, but I DO like the way it smells…I might grab some someday, I know this place where I can get 'em cheap.

And BTW, I’ve never even smoked a cigarette, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon. :hahaha;

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Incense is nothing more than stuff people use to cover up the smell of weed.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

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Incense is nothing more than stuff people use to cover up the smell of weed.

My parents use it in the house sometimes… lets just say they are the LAST people on Earth I’d expect to smoke a joint besides perhaps Margaret Thatcher.

I like having things smell nice. Yea, I use it to cover certain smells, but still, its cool to have things smell nice.

A lot of people burn incense because it smells nice, or it’s relaxing. I’ve seen some pretty cool dragony holders that I’ve been tempted to get, but I personally don’t like incense (the smell is too strong for me, and my asthma always kicks in after a little bit). I might buy some eventually, just cuz they’re pretty tho.

Actually, some churches burn incense. I went to a Greek Orthodox service with a friend of mine a little over a year ago, and they always have incense. It was in this ball and chain thing that the priest would shake around during certain parts of the service, and I think it was burned in other places in the church too. I’m not Orthodox, and I’m not completely familiar with the practices, but I am pretty sure about this.

However, some smells make me nauseous. For example, the smell of weed makes me nauseous. In addition, any incense gives me the same feeling. (I guess I’m bad company for the stoner friends of mine who smoke up and burn incense after - either way I feel ill.) So… the combination of the heat in the church, the smell of the incense, and the medication I was taking wasn’t a good thing for me, and I sort of fainted in church. That was embarrassing.

I’m sure incense is great for the people who can handle it. A lot of my friends do like it.

I was never a big fan of incense, ever since I got my hand burned by some of it. But if I encounter a smell I like, I sure ain’t gonna complain.

I really like the smell, but we only ever burn any about Christmas time. And it is not just to cover up the smell of weed, it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years, as an offering to God/the gods, or some such.

I, personally, don’t like incesne., My father does too, and I hardly think he’s a stoner.

I like Incense, too. It just smells kinda nice.

Of course, some of the names I’ve found for certain incenses has NOTHING to do with my love for it.

Goes off to light up some “Sex on a beach”, which atually has a kind of Cedar-y smell

I was at this party once, me and my friends where outside, and the rest of the kids (namely the ‘cool’ ones) where inside. Me and my friends got cold since we had been outside for so long, so we went inside to warm up. We walked down to the basement were the other kids are. They were all sitting around holding burning incense. On of them was holding like it was a joint, another had two sticks of it in his guitar strings (and kept sniffing it), another kid had it in his mouth and was pretending to smoke it, and still another had it in a fishbowl, and every few seconds he would take out the incense and breathe in the fumes, (i guess he was pretending it was a bong)…so me and my friends are just standing at the stairs, staring at these stupid idiots, and than the one kid who had it in his mouth goes “man, i am so high!” We just stood there staring, we couldnt think of anything to say, these idiots thought they could get high from incence…finnally, my friend ashley just looks and says “Dude, its incense…its just a smell” and one of the kids look up and goes “Dude…back off man…heh” and all them start laughing, like pretending to be high…

Yea…a bunch of idiots…

Sadly, this is all true -_-

Yep, thats my incense 2 cents

I never understood what’s so neat about pretending to be high. Being high’s a diff story, since I’ve never been, but PRETENDING to be having a mind-altering experience when really you’re sitting there, knowing exactly where you are and not learning to hear colors or crap like that, just seems stupid.

That’s pretty god damn stupid, especially since I have no idea whats in incense.

How old were these people?

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Insence is gross, why would anybody want to have sex with a family member?