i use incense - to relax, not to cover up the smell of anything. white plum is my favorite kind; Tomoe wore white plum perfume in Tsuiokuhen (Kenshin OVA).

I don’t burn incense, my mom doesn’t trust me with fire. I have an incense holder, though. It’s a little dragon. :slight_smile:

My mom burns some occasianally. It’s all right.

I like insense… it’s smells purty.

It smells nice, but gives me a headache. And since I hate headaches, I don’t like it.

I like incense, but I don’t use it, since the smell is pretty strong and the rest of the family wouldn’t appreciate it… I have a whole bunch of incense holders, though, including four dragon ones.

… What? They look nice! >_>

My mother has already burnt incense in our apartment a few times. Some smelled good, but some others made me waste a can-full of deodorant in my room.

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My parents use it in the house sometimes… lets just say they are the LAST people on Earth I’d expect to smoke a joint besides perhaps Margaret Thatcher.

“I could see that he was loving it, because of his expression.
I tell him ‘this is sensi, the healing of the nation.
In some places, doctors use it for herbal medication.
Ronald Reagan smoke it just before him go up on television.
After Margaret Thatcher visit him, she bring some back to England.
And distributes it equally throughout the house of commons.’”

– From “I do not sniff the coke, I only smoke [sensi meela]” by Pato Bantan.

And, so, according to 80’s british reggae acts, Margaret Thatcher actually IS a regular smoker. :smiley:

My parents burn some foul smelling ‘Incense cones’ and they smell awful. But some incense smells OK, and they only burn the stuff 'cause they’re heavy smokers.

I hate matches! I just went through about 15 just tryin to light some insence. If I had more sence (no pun intended) I would have a few lighters around the house but since my dad doesen’t have any it’s up to me and I had one but I lost the it (nice one too).
Anyway I got a simple little wooden holder and it’s fine for me cuz I hardly ever burn em. This was probably the first time in months.

I used to think that incense was a stupid concept, light a stick and it makes stuff smell funky - but getting the right incense (which I amazingly did in my ignorance) has actually opened my eyes. It’s cool to walk into a room that smells nice, it really is. Those of you who haven’t tried it, I’d suggest it.