In need of help from the experts

Until recently, my favorite kind of game was turn based. Games like Final Fantasy 1-10 filled my days with fun and excitement. In the last year or so, however, i’ve gradually gotten bored with these games. Actually, it’s not even that i’m bored, it’s just that if I play them I fall asleep. Quickly. I used to play FF1 for hours on end, usually going from the beginning all the way to Lich in a single session. Now I can only play for about 30 minutes to an hour before i’m drifting off. Any suggestions on what to do about this? Maybe some tips on different games I should try in an effort to liven my gaming experience up?

Try Final Fantasy X-2!

Try some third-person action games like Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry. Alot of the FPS games out right now also have alot of action.

Do you like strategic RPGs? If you’ve never played Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, I can heartily reccomend that one.

Are you asking for a new kind of turn based game or a new kind of game altogether?

Either way, heres some suggestions for both scenarios. Off the top of my head

Turn based: Civilization, alpha centauri, Heroes of might and magic, X-Com. Those are actually strategy games, but that may make them qualify for both perhaps?

For not turn-based games, try an action RPG (from the FF-familiar grounds of Kingdom hearts to the fun click-fest of Diablo2). Or some FPSes (Halo for starts, but you’d also want to see Doom3, and if you want more, look into Far Cry. Oh, if you havent already, get the original half-life) . Or FPS/RPG hybrids (namely system shock games and Deus Ex).

For something that defies classification, is free, and awesome at once, check out the Ur Quan Masters ( I’ve been thining of making a topic on this one.

Devil May Cry proved to me that I have absolute zero gaming skillz. It whooped my ass over and over again until I just sat there and wimpered. I play Diablo II and Unreal Tournament (original) more than anything now, but I still want story line to go with the gameplay. That should’ve been my original question.

Any game with the word “Contra” in it. Well, aside from the PS1 titles.

If thats the case, of the games I highlighted you may want to go with Half-life, possibly Halo (I thought the story was okay, many others thought it was great), and most certainly of all DEUS EX! Play the original before invisible war

And The Ur-wan masters is a damned viable choice if large amounts of humor doesnt turn you off.

I’ll be sure to check those out. Thanks guys!

If you wan’t to get scared try Silent Hill, they have good stories and they are really fun.

My favorite is Enclave for a third person. Although if you want a laugh, Monkey Island. It’s a joke RPG, only with very few fights. It’s hillarious.

I like MGS: the twin snakes

Beat’em’Ups are ass-kickers if you just want to release some pressure.

Go get Viewtiful Joe, for hours of frustation and fun.

Some real time RPG games, like Tales of Symphonia or SW: KotOR, can liven your RPG experience up. I wholeheartedly recommend those.

Maybe your brain is “done” with games.

Well, I play a whole lot of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. I should try out some of the more modern beat em ups; I miss the days of side scrolling ass kicking fun. I have KOTOR, I just never really got around to playing it.

if you miss side scrolling fun, try to find a copy of Klonoa 2 for PS2

Roger that.

First of all, get around to playing KOTOR. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for suggestions, I can toss out the stock “My favorite game answers”, but it would help if you could give some of your preferences. Not so much what are your favorite games, but more like: What aspects of a game make it “good” for you? Music, story, atmosphere, compelling characters, an engrossing battle system, eye candy, depth, challenge?
Also what systems to you have? A computer obviously, but how powerful is it, and what consoles?

Holy FUCK, if I hated you, I’d like you now. but I liked you, so now I like you even more! Klonoa2 is AWESOME, albeit insanely easy.

And Varan, don’t give up on action games, DMC is meant to be hard :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not Mario64. You don’t seem to like insane challenge though :frowning: I mean you might consider killing Hell Baal a challenge in D2, but he’s like, easier than the first and second bosses in the Shinobi/DMC/Ninja Gaiden family of games :stuck_out_tongue:

If you wanna build up your mad action game skillz, start with Megaman games. They’re fun, too.

Side Scrolling ass kicking fun: Viewtiful Joe, Contra: Shattered Soldier isn’t too bad, Strider 2 for Playstation (which also came packaged with the original), Silhouette Mirage, anything from the Klonoa series, Gaurdian Heroes in the unlikely chance that you actually own a Sega Saturn, and Bangai-O if you have a Dreamcast. A lot of those are pretty rare but if you ever see them used, definitely pick them up. If all else fails though, you can just dust off an old 16-bit system and pop in one of the numerous side scrollers from back in the day.