In-game Romances (FFXI)

So, now that players can get married, a lot of player romances are occuring. What are some of your thoughts or experiances in this nature ? I have a few stories myself… but i’ll save em for later.

I’m thinking that online marriage is a BAD thing. You don’t even know for sure if the person you’re marrying is really of the opposite gender. You could be marrying some 32 year old dude from Texas who lives in his parent’s basement; there’s really no way to tell for sure.

Couldn’t of said it better myself.

A cool but easily abused feature.

How would it be abused?

Now that they’ve got marriages, I’m just wondering how long it’ll be until people start protesting for divorce and/or gay marriage rights. :thud:

I’m with PanamaJack on this one.

You can get married in FFXI now? What the fuck?!

VILG!! ehtaat!

It’s wrong, very wrong.

Big Nutter

I see how it can lead to disaster. I left a whole LS because of it. I asked this chick i’d been playing with for a while to marry me, and she said “i’ll think about it,it’s a big commitment” i understood, it was a big commitment. Anywho, as the week progresses, she gets hit on all the time by one of the guys in the LS… and you can imagine how annoyed that makes me, even more so that she did nothing about it. But i let it go, and eventually, i end up asking her if she wanted to go see Windy with me, and she said “no, me and ‘whatshisface’ are gonna go to Qufim, maybe tomorrow.”

I called the whole thing off, then went to the AH and spent 13 K on a nice set of Lizzard gear. I found an even cooler LS after that… it’s smaller but the people in it are nice, and two, who barely knew me, came all the way from Lu Thiene to p-level me in the Wadi…

LAWS: I’d post the name of the two-timin bitch, but there are liability issues involved, and i dont wanna go gettin myself in trouble.

How is it a what the fuck? Either you’ve kept your head under a heavy rock for the last MANY LONG MMORPG CYCLES, or you’re an idiot. Either way, Marriages have been in several MMORPGs, as well as a number of other games(particularly MUDs and Harvest Moon). It’s really nothing more than a partnership unless you actually know your marriage partner. Also how the fuck do you abuse it? It’s designed the way it’s designed to be used in the way you’re thinking of.

And Nate, that was retarded. One person != reason for leaving LS, especially if there was nothing else wrong with it. But I like my LS, I’ve gotten countless offers from them to PL me or help in quests/missions even when they’re across the world and there is only like 8 people in the shell.

It was her LS.

Pft. You should have gotten yourself kicked out. More fun that way, especially if she was a “two-timin bitch” like you said. You’re just pissed cause you get dumped, even online :stuck_out_tongue:

If i Get FF11, it will be my first mmorpg.


Ok see that if it belongs anywhere, belongs in the FFXI thread in the Computer forum. This is the ingame “romance” thread.

Reference: The posts above.

It’s also a good way to get a GM called on you for violating TOS. As much as i would agree that getting myself kicked out would be funner(i am good at getting myself kicked out of things) i did have friends on it who didn’t wanna hear it. I still have to look like a good guy, right ?

On the other note, i was pissed because i wasted my time farming for wedding money, went a whole week with 25K unspent in preperation… besides, yeah, rejection really sucks. Even on some of the lowest levels. The best way to deal with it is to shrug it off and go hand around someone else… besides, i find elf mages more attractive… grins

ANOHTER OINTPAY: You’r character is marrying the other character. You arent marrying the person on the other side of the screen. Most of the time, my character talks like a mix between Roland of Gilead and Barnabas Sackett.

MY ISTAKEMAY: Sun, i just read the last of your post(i hate when i read a post, but dont process all of it at once) and it sounds like you are one of the really cool players in my new LS. I am thinking of making my own LS and just inviting noobs into it. Or at least people level 15 or lower. It not only helps other people, but secures good friends later on.

I’ve never played an MMORPG so I don’t know jack shit about them.

The whole Marriage thing is an attempt to get some money out of the economy. And it seems to be working nicely.

Except you aren’t marrying them, your character is marrying their character. People in MMORPGs seem to have a really hard time drawing the line between fantasy and reality, and this is especially sad in a game called Final FANTASY XI.

It depends how far you take the relationship Sohee. If it’s just a partnership between two people for mutual gain, then power to them. If the two characters treat it like some sort of online romance then it might not be such a good idea. I can’t really back up my arguments though, as the only MMORPG I’ve ever played is Everquest and only very briefly.