In-game Romances (FFXI)

So I can’t married that cute war in tight leather armor? Sadness ;.;


I don’t think that Square wanted the second case to occur, it just kind of happens. It’s just, it’s a role playing game, so role play. Even online, it’s still a role playing game.

That’s exactly how i play it too. When i play the game, i am Enim of Bastok: Professional Noob Helper and Spender of Gil… at your service… may you have long days and many nights… thankee-sai, fine lass, but it is i who thank thee for thy bright eyes of blue and attractive tail…

It is a very addictive game, i actually seen a guy who’s bazaar message said “ATTENTION SQUARE-ENIX OF AMERICA: i have forgotten my family, my friends, my school, and my work.” I thought it was funny… but it;s sadly true for many people.

I am also friends with two people who have a relationship IRL, and are planning a wedding in the game. A big plus, in my book.

There’s a line between reality and make-believe, and its thinner for some people than others. I’m just going to let it rest at that.

What benefits does marriage offer in Final Fantasy XI?

GOD DAMN YOU NATE, now I have to pick book 6 back up. I didnt process the name Roland of Gilead until I saw your “thankee-sai”. Thank you for eliminating over half my free time this weekend.

And Jack ummm…I’ll get back to you on that.

As someone pointed out, it gets rid of a lot of gil, which means we dont have to worry so much about Inflation(people having too much money that it takes a thousand gil to buy cheap things). As for the players, both players get wedding rings, and the female gets a wedding dress, and they share a mog house. There might be more, i didnt research it that much, but i will and i’ll tell you all about it, form ho much it costs to where to get it done and what exactly marriage entales…

Sunny, heh, i just finished book 4, i wont read the others untill they come out in paperback… count yourself lucky !

You also get a wedding at one of I think like 12 spots in-game.

5 and 6 are short -_-. Like really short, I dunno if the first 3 were this short but they sure didnt feel like it.

The phrase is may you have long days and pleasent nights. although they may just have two versions of the saying I wot… cant remember…

It is plesant nights… but many nights is like saying “long life”… see it’s like a mix between Roland and Barnabas… Also something i noticed… is in Sackett’s Land, three characters are mentioned at once… Cuthbert, Alayne, and Richard… swap out Richard with Roland(not unsimilar names) and what do you have ?

It’s Ka man… all Ka…

Ka Ka

Cuthbert, Alain, Roland. Those are the 3 gunslingers that rode into the west.