In Case You Were Unaware

Psh, posing as a girl isn’t that hard. In fact, one guy at a place where I’ve been masquerading as a RL girl decided I had to be a girl because I “giggled,” and “only girls giggle.”

Interesting, I had no idea. As for the posing as something you’re not, it might mean a little bit more here since the community is so tight. Where else are you going to find a community where a bunch of people fly in from all over the world with very different personalities and backgrounds just to chill with each other? I mean, like I’ve read a lot fo stuff on the internet and what happens when you meet someone online, so I said I would never meet anyone online, however, here I am going to two meets already for the site and I’ve had a blast at each (I’m always really sad when I have to leave). Anyway, it shouldn’t change too much, maybe just the way we interpret some perspectives on issues we discuss.

Well, like everyone said, does it really matter?
People are who they are and they can claim to be whoever they want… some of those claimed personalities will fix you a visit from the nice young men in the clean white coats… But who cares, this is RPGC, this is where they dump us :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s exactly right. After all, any one of us could be pretending, but it’s not going to change the fact that we’re all one big happy RPGC family, right? Though if The 984 really was a 20-year old stripper babe, he’d probably get quite a bit more looks from the guys. 8)

For all we know someone in this room might actually be Man-Faye

I’m a male barbie.

Meh, old news to me, it never really changed anything from my perspective that a person posting on the internet has a vagina or a mangina.

Just want to say a few things about this whole thing.

1-the term pretending might not be the right word here. Perhaps [this is in no way shape or form an assessment of Val, but only a possibility which can explain the decision to claim femininity] Val is attempting to explore his/her less masculine traits, in a social situation that largely does not judge folks based on silly things like sexual organs. Or perhaps [further conjecture, and in no way am I claiming that this is at all applicable to Val] she views herself as being naturally feminine, and simply wishes to portray herself according to her actual gender traits rather than according to her birth.

2-Whoever claims to be a rock star at age 16 either has a very different meaning of the word star, than I do, or has been sold down the river into a crappy teenie-punk-wanna-be band, and will find themselves without a fruitful career in a year at most, or is lying to themself about just how important they are. In any case, keep rocking, and stay in school, son.

3-Why no information-loving for ClothHat? Is he not cool enough to be let in on things? ClothHat, you my bro! And I will let you know as soon as shit comes up, unlike all these SOBs.

4-Has anyone noticed that Val hasn’t posted any response on this thread yet? That means that until (s)he does, we are all gossiping and talking behind Val’s back and acting like high school sophomores.

those are my thoughts at least.

You have a very weird definition of “behind Val’s back” considering this is a discussion on a public forum.

I have a lot of interesting definitions…

…you, on the other hand, have a good point

I’m not surprised.

How about… manties? :smiley:

Plus, I wonder how long it’ll take until this thread reaches two pages. Though I’m sure Vallypie already saw this and loves being the center of attention again. You all don’t get the point. A pity :smiley:

EDIT: woo, people post fast. Correction: until this thread reaches its THIRD page. :booster:

I remember once on the Tribe Borad Some one thought I was A girl and another member (Dark Angel (One of my Sprites)) was a lad… Some one correct that person before we could kick up a fuss…

Big Nutter
There’s Something to be said about a great Pair, even Vurtual ones.

I knew, but I wasn’t really sure. Now should we go as far as questioning the rest of his posts?I know this is the net and all but when people with thousands of posts post bogus shit just for the hell of it and slip up lately (which is what has been happened) I tend to lose, well respect for that person, as much as one can have for someone over the net anyways. Like, why bother???

Ah the internet… Where the men are real men. And the women are too.

True or not, I couldn’t care less. Which reminds me, what happened to Cala?

ERm- What about the Cute and Furry Thing’s From Alpha Centuri?

Big Nutter
Sin luimt pa kenm yht Charle ec zicd crufehk ic fryd Sin muugc mega!

Replaced by Phoerret.

Mmmmmm no, she has computer issues. Yet again. She said she’ll be back either later today or within 3 days max.

Look in his profile. It says male. And this was in the RP forum a while ago, which is when I checked.

Sin, that was beautiful. :stuck_out_tongue: