In Case You Were Unaware

Through some act of wackiness, it has been revealed that Valkyire Esker is a man.

Now, I don’t really care - shit like that doesn’t phase me. I’ve been in gaming clans and on the internet for like 8 or so years, and stuff like this doesn’t surprise me anymore, it happens all the time.

And I think it’s really funny.

This thread isn’t to belittle Val (Heh, Val’s not a gal!), but rather point out how stupid is to pretend you’re something you’re not. And I really don’t care how tormented and angsty you are, so much so that you have to hide your gender (which I really don’t understand. At least pretend to be a rock star or something), it’s pretty lame to decieve people you’ve never met and possibly won’t ever meet (most certainly if you’re pretending to be a girl when you’re a guy).

Anyway, mini rant/newspaper article over.


I wish I had some, I’d really like to read the conversation. Apparently, it’s a case of he said she said, I’ll ask around for the conversation logs though.

I have a vagina.

I don’t have to pretend… I fucking am a rock star!

Well interesting to say the least.

I really don’t care what gender anyone here is, since I’ll never meet these people in real life nor pursue a relationship with them. I just like to sound off about random stuff

Does it really matter?


XD That rocks. How long has he had everyone fooled?

Yes! Because we’re all gender-Nazis! Also because females at RPGC get far more attention than us pathetic males!

You’re wrong sorcerer.I think that Val is really a girl.

Because we care.

I’ve known that for a while, now.

I get plenty of attention, thanks.


This kind of reminds me of a certain scene in Final Fantasy V, only the genders are reversed and Val isn’t a pirate.

Regardless of what gender Val may be, she or he is still Val, and they’re still a really cool person. And it’s not safe to live a lie, so I’m glad Val came out and admitted it.

I kinda figured Val was a guy faking it from the get-go. Heck, she even said it herself, once, if memory serves.

Wow, there sure were a whole lot of you that already knew and never bothered to mention it before now.

I don’t care either way. I don’t know Val, but I place other things higher than gender. ^.~

What’s to care about? It’s an internet avatar. BEsides, cuddles are cuddles.

Also, Val didn’t really ask Sorcerer whether or not it was a dumb idea. :stuck_out_tongue: I know you think you’re just trying to help Sorcerer, but Val’s old. He/She can decide just what He/She wants to do, and if Val wants to know what you think, then He/She can really just ask. :stuck_out_tongue: