"I'll have three black men to go please."


I’d make a guess this service would be used almost exclusively by rich white businessmen. :smiley:

EDIT: Oh, OH, even better:

One public lunch with rent-a-negro and you’ll be on your way to being seen as the most cutting edge member of your circle.

“Black people are so angry,
I’m nervous about interactions.”

Because black people are a neccessary social accessory these days. Ayup. I guess I’m kinda backwards and my life is lesser merely because I don’t know any black people. :smiley:

Nah, that makes you, um, british :stuck_out_tongue:

And besides, Why rent when you can own >_>

I’m so going to hell for that joke.

Pfft. Boring. Lemme know when I can rent myself an asian <strike>school girl</strike> or two.

This has got to be a joke. O_o

Additional Services

• “Help! I need a Black Opinion!” $75 per call
(30 minute duration) or email (24 hr response time)

• Touch Her Hair: $25 each time

• Touch Her Skin: $35 each touch

• Compare Your Skin Tone to Hers: $50

• Tell her"you look just like…" another black person: $100

• Call her “sister” “sista” “girlfriend” or “girl”: $150 each time

• Dance Lessons for the Rhythm-Challenged: $250 hour

• Challenging Racist Family Members: add $500 per person

• Racist Guests at Event: add $500 per event (per racist)

• “Will You Tell Them I’m Not a Racist?”: $1500 per vouch

• Certificate of Association: $100
A 8x10" certificate stating your affiliation with a black person.


It’s cyber art…look under ‘Performance’.


She’s also done Ono’s ‘Cut Piece’…pretty bold.

Why rent when you can get a Japanese Mail-Order Bride? Which is essentialy a one time or payment plan based “ownership” of a woman who will do whatever you want. If I Still haven’t got back into dating when I turn 25 or so and am finishing scool, I’ll probably consider getting one. :stuck_out_tongue:

this like, sharecropping or something?

… -_-

I repeat…this is a work of CYBER ART…READ ABOVE POST. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $500.

What kind of house rules do you play with in Monopoly? I only got $200 for passing go. what a gyp.
I would also like to mention that Rent-a-Negro is fucked up. Even if it is art. I personally don’t think it’s art. I think it’s just plain offensive. And I knew from the get go that it wasn’t real. If it was, every single civil rights activist would get it shut down. But even they realize what a joke this is. So they do nothing, just like me.
Lastly, I would like to add that Japanese Mail Order Brides DO exist!! 8p

Since perhaps it wasnt obvious enough for you idiots,<b><i><u><font size=70>IT’S CYBER ART, MEANING ART, NOT REAL.</b></u></i></font size>

Once more, for the really stupid this time in quote form

If you still dont understand, you’re obviously extremely retarded and really shouldnt even be on a computer for fear of self inflicted wounds from headbutting the keyboard and monitor.

you’re creative

I don’t like this new fad of massive coloured writing. Make it stop! The Rabite commands!

You fail at quoting people with quotes in their posts.

thats cuz i just wanted to quote you, and not Trill

Yes but you got the

part in there, meaning you fail. Hard.

alas, you are the superior poster, someday, i wish to quote people as well as you, and to write in a big green underlined font to call people stupid as you do

So because it’s art, we can’t find it amusing? I’m confused. I don’t see any evidence that the majority of the people posting to this thread thought it was serious.

I thought thought the idea of a site that hired black people out was pretty damned awesome.

As long as you can acknowledge the fact, then one day, you may become as good as me.

Also, I didnt use lime to call them stupid, it was to point out the fact it was art to set up the calling of them stupid.