"I'll have three black men to go please."

Funny, I was thinking the same thing. As a matter of fact, I see no evidence of ANY poster thinking about the seriousness or non-seriousness of this issue. Everyone with half of a brain cell knows it’s a joke, and we don’t need big bold green letters to emphasize that. And if anyone does take this “seriously”, it is more than likely sarcasm and shouldn’t be assaulted by being called retarded. If anyone is stupid enough to take this seriously, they probably couldn’t even spell their own name correctly, let alone use a computer.

Types of Events

Corporate/Business Gathering
“Our office functions are so boring, always the bland people. Just once I’d like to see the look on my colleagues’ faces when I show up with a black friend!”

Corporate/Business Meeting
“Sometimes we just need a black perspective on policy, consumer opinion, or just the ‘word on the street’ but I don’t know who to call.” and “My company is doing a mandatory diversity training, but we don’t have any black people. We need someone to help us feel diverse, if only for one day.”

Non-Profit Function NEW!
“We try to diversify while we work on social issues, but we can’t do it all!”

Private/Personal Gathering
“Having a black person at my next party would certainly liven things up!” and “If I took a black person to my next social function, I’d have everyone talking!”

“I want to spend some time with a black person. I’m sure it would be good for me, I’m just curious!”

“I want to know more about being black, so do my friends and colleagues. It always seems like I say the wrong things when I meet black people. I just want to learn, help!”

“My friends would think I was so cool if we just happened to run into a black friend of mine when we were shopping or eating lunch at our favorite restaurant!”

Emergency//Short Notice (24 hour window)
“My only black friend just got the flu and my big party is tomorrow!”

“I have an active social calendar. It would be great to know I could have a black person at any number of events, even on short notice!”

That’s just funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read that as “I have three black men to go please” meaning you needed to go please three black men. ok? next time put a coma.

I wonder how long that site will last before someone sues and for some people the prices could get real high real fast.


Er, Charle, speaking of comas, why haven’t people put YOU in one yet? …Next time make a spellcheck. With your brain, I mean. I’m assuming you possess the ability to use it.

Hey Sir-Fuzzi, The JERK factory called, you just got a promoted to vice-president.

you can, it’s called prosititution. aka the porn industry :smiley: :ah-ha!: