If your dark side was a final boss...

Heh. Sometimes I do think of the RPGC RPG idea I had a long time ago…

Anyways… one of the final bosses would be the main character’s dark side. Since teh main character would be variable, this boss (Second to last actually) would be variable.

So in your case, what woudl yours be? Just follow my profile.

Name: Sabertooth
Appearance: Giant, bipedal sabertooth cat. And ripped at that.
Incarnation of: Hatred and despair.
Boss Music: Seiken Densetsu 3- Sacrifice Part 3
Special Attacks:
Quadraclaw (Forms three extra images that must be dealt with after execution, kills a party member instantly)
Black Hole (Distorts gravity on one party member, causing massive damage)
Vacuum (A series of strikes that causes serious damage to one party member, and maybe half to the rest)
Meteodrive (Leaps into space and grabs a meteor/asteroid, and bashes it over a party member’s head)
Full Moon (A spinning attack that causes moderate damage to all party members)
Poison Crush (Does moderate damage to one party member, high chance of poisoning)
Aphyxiate (Think the death timer effects from Final Fantasy)

Others, but I can’t thikn of any. OS… what would your dark side be?

Mine would be:

Name: Windows
Appeance: A square with red, green, yellow, and blue suqares in side
Incarnation of: MS and Bill Gates
Boss Music: The boot up sound of Windows XP
Special Attacks:
-Crash - I mess up
-Crash Hard - I mess up a couple of programs
-Crash Harder - I mes up programs and force a rebbot
-Crash Hardest - I just lock the system up
-Steal Soul - I send your soul to Fort redmond (reference to Penny Arcade)

I’m just kidding. I don’t know, I’ll post my “real” self as an enemy later.

Uhm… K.

Hmm, I don’t think my “darkside” final boss would be that tough. If he was he would probably go kill the protagonist himself instead of sending all those minions after him. He’d probably shoot the hero with a gun and then either the hero or final boss would die depending on whether or not it was a cutscene.

My dark side would be one of those ugly demon guys who was teased as a kid too much, causing him to go over the edge and want to destroy the universe in retribution for his scarred childhood.

Either that or the final boss of Live A Live. You know who that is – and if you don’t, I guess you’ll just have to play the game and find out!

I actually have imagined this one

Name: Nega-Billy
Appearance: basically me: 6 feet tall, 190 pounds, glasses, blonde hair. The only difference is that he has a goatee.
Incarnation of: me but evil
Boss Music: whatever was playing on his stereo when you had to drag his ass out onto the street because it was the only possible way he’d leave his room long enough for a fight to the death.
Special attacks:
-Eye gouge
-Jab to the throat
-Head butt

Ultra-saucy-triple-mega-hyper-combo finisher:
-THUNDER DROP KICK!!!111oneoneone…one (drop kicks you… and it hurts pretty bad)

He’d be about as hard to beat as I am, which is to say you’d kick his ass really easily.

I AM my dark side. :slight_smile:

Name: |Egamad|
Appearance: just like me but with white clothes and black hair
Incarnation of: goodness
Boss Music: legend of zelda - level 9 music…
Special Attacks: gotta work on this

DT, then what’ your good side like? :smiley:

Name: Nosreip (:P). Nah, it’s still Pierson.
Appearance: Totally black. I’m sure anyone who’s seen my sprites knows which one I mean.
Incarnation of: The things that make whispering noises in the shadows. WooooOOOOooOOOOoooOOOOooo
Boss Music: Anubis’ Theme from ZOE2 (at least, I think it’s his…)
Special Attacks:
Shadowrend: Pulls opponent into the nearest patch of shadow and then tears then to pieces.
Heart Of Darkness: Does a Seishiro(sp?) on yo’ ass and tears your heart out through your ribcage.
Hypnotise: Hypnotises you and then tells you to do all sorts of hideous things to yourself.
Minions: Things appear from said shadows to help. If there are no shadows, see below.
Shadowwall: Raises a huge slab of whatever material the floor is made from to create a pool of shadow from which minions can be summoned and victims be dragged into. >:D


Jamehameha: A huge fireball composed of jam is fired from thin air and lands on you, causing stickiness, ruining your clothes, and attracting legions of wasps.

Name: AOL
Appearance: Small little yellow running man lacking any physical features other than Arms, legs, a body and a head.
Boss Music: Master Hand - Super Smash Bros. Melee
Special Attacks:

-Flood of Chaos: Chucks a endless flood of AOL discs at you.
-AIM Attack: Piles a ton of flammer messages on you
-You’ve Got Mail!: A endless squak(sp?) of YOU’VE GOT MAIL!

You know, I did intend this to be fairly serious.

Originally posted by StarStorm
You know, I did intend this to be fairly serious.

I am.
spits on AOL

Hmm…I’ve given alot of thought to this and well…

Name: Iak Nairako(my Characters name in D&D backwards!)
Incarnation of: All the evil inside of me that finally came out.
Appearance: A shadowy form of me, with an aura of pure evil surrounding it.(if I had a spirte, you’d know)
Boss Music: A midi form of Metallica-One
Special moves: Hellfire-A humongus fireball is let lose on the party.
Darkness: Blind!
Bad Breath: Think Malboro
Mimic: Does whatever the last person to act did(sometimes this move is a real killer)
Transform: Transforms between looks(does nothing but a cosmetic change, turns inro a giant demon)
Metal shot: Causes Metallica to go off on the party.

And thats about it :-\

Originally posted by StarStorm
You know, I did intend this to be fairly serious.

Tough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I was being serious, except for that last attack. >_>

What was this idea you had anyway? You mentioned it earlier. We wanna know.:hahaha;

Name: Magus
Appearence: A giant black scaled dragon
Incarnation of: Getting pushed over the edge
Boss Music: Uhh…something dark and spooky
Special Abilities:

Dark Flare
Blizzaga, Firaga, Waterga, Thundaga x 1000000000000000…

I don’t have a darkside. I just have a somewhat nasty side that pops up now in then.

In which case, she would probably be called, “The Destroyer of Souls” and eat people’s souls. Only because I can’t come up with anything cooler than that half an hour before a major test. shrug

If I had a dark side, he’d probably be too violent or despicable to really be acceptable for a game like that.

Hmmm… This is pretty tough…

I don’t know what it would look like, but my dark side would be very vain, ruthless and violent.
It would hold grudges forever, and do whatever it could to cause pain and misery for those who have done anything against it. (Even if it’s just imagined things.)

I don’t know which attacks it would have, but it they would be flashy and just scream “showoff” :stuck_out_tongue:

I might think about it some more and update this later, but now my sis wants the phone…
logs off mumbling something evil about modems

Let’s see:

Name: Nightmare, Hell’s Warlord
Appearance: Demonic angel warrior.
Incarnation: Of everything dark in my soul.
Battle Arena: Either in a volcano, or the pits of hell.
Special Attacks:
Flame Sabre (His sword is engulfed in flames, before striking an ally three times with it)
Hell’s Fury (Creates a large ball of fire/lightning/rock, and launchs it at entire party)
Manipulation (Uses an ally to attack other allies, and to block damage on himself, for three turns)
Chaos Storm (Begins spinning in mid air forming a huge tornado of flames, which engulfs the entire party)

Ultimate Attack:
Demon Dragon Blast (Calls forth a huge demonic dragon, to blast the allies sky high. He then jumps up, hits them all back down. Before unleashing his own energy blast on everyone)

Name: Chirell (pronounced kiy-rell)
Appearance: A black-robed genetically altered alien/human hybrid
Incarnation: Of the desire for perfection, and the destruction of the imperfect
Battle Arena: The death star, or at least a flagship with planet-destroying abilities. Or in cold vacuum (aka space)
Boss Music: Prolly “He who bares his fangs at god” (final battle theme of xenogears. Think that was the name)
Reason for being evil: Believes his hybrid race is superior to the human and alien species that came before his, and raises an army to purge the universe of both species, making room for his ‘ultimate species’. The death star is a great weapon for genocidal warfare, thats why it would be his flagship. If lucasarts sues, we’ll build another ship with planet-destroying abilities.

Special attacks: Summon Ion Cannon: Summons the GDI Ion Cannon (from command & conquer) and blasts the heroes.
Contradestruct: A mixture of contradictory destruction; fire and ice simultaneously, earth and lighting at the same time! Etc…
Bombard: Some ships from the main fleet (not the flagship) fires it’s guns at the heroes. Does not happen inside the flagship, obviously.
Great Cannon: Planet destroying cannon fires at the team. Instant kill, so have reraise ready.
Genocide: Summons hunter-seeker drones programmed to kill all humans (and the other alien species) on sight.
Torture: Inflicts all status ailments, save for ones like KO, petrify, and the others that immobilize one on a target simultaneously.
Dark wave: Sends a wave of negative energy at the heroes.
Bleeding eye: A sword, or something, slashes someone right at the eyes. Does damage and inflicts blind simultaneously.
Black hole: Summons a black hole. Used in space. Dark damage. Break damage limit
New genesis: A second big bang. Used in space. Holy damage, break damage limit.
Enslave: Instantly ‘charms’ (takes control completely) of a character. Reversable, but not preventable, even with immunity to mind control/charm/whatever