If you had the choice too.....

Live in the world of an anime, wich anime would it be?

I personally like to live in the Universe of Cowboy Bebop, being a bounty hunter is cool.

Or in the world of Trigun, as an outlaw.

Yeah Trigun same here. Or maybe Gundam/Gundam Seed.

Inuyashsa, as long as I wasn’t one of the villagers killed in every episode.

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in angel sanctuary, as a devil or angel or something

Probably Gundam Wing. I’d be some kind of stealth ninja pilot, an one by one pick off each of the characters with carefully-placed EMP knife attacks. Then, I’d steal their gundams away to my secret asteriod base ala Magneto’s Avalon, and take apart the mechs and improve my own like it was Mechwarrior/Front Mission and probably use the spare parts to build additional gundams; as for the boy pilots, I’d enslave them into my harem or something Maybe mind control them so they’d be willing servants. So eventually, I’d have a fleet of unstoppable Gundams being driven by a harem of cybernetically-enhanced boytoys.

your future is bright, X

Ghost in the Shell. I’d like to be an artificial mind just like Newborn.



Sailor Moon because everyone’s relatively dumb and can’t find out who the Sailor Scouts are…plus I’d be in a mini skirt and kicking ass.

Eva, I’d love to see that.

Shut it, Jadex! whacks Jadex senseless Anyway, I would either want to live in the Cowboy Bebop universe, or the Gundam Wing universe. They were pretty cool.

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Eva, I’d love to see that.

Ditto. And I’d take a camera along :smiley: ^^

I’ll see what I can do, boys. But I’d need a Tuxedo Kamen to, you know…protect me and stuff ^^

Woo! Go Eva, go Eva…
What? >_>


Furi Kuri. nod, nod

I’m not sure really, the world of Records of Lodoss War I guess, you’d actually notice a difference there.

Any of the ones with me driving a powerful mech, or wielding a katana. Both would be interesting…

I’d probably want to live in Cowboy Bebop and be a bounty hunter. Or maybe Inuyasha . . . hmm . . . I like that too . . . ^.^

Seriously, though, I’d want to live in Rurouni Kenshin. The Meiji era has always been a subject of intrest to me. And I would get to kick ass and take names. :slight_smile:

La Blue Girl :smiley:

Kiki’s Delivery Service:yipee:

Definately .hack. I think the idea of an online world that you actually play in yourself is cool. Just waiting for it to happen.:cool: