If you could have any super-power...

What would you want?

I’d want to be able to shapeshift.

I’d just want to be Gordon Freeman

Mimic’s power, from Exiles. :smiley:

Real life Savestates. C’mon, who WOULDN’T want that ability?!

I second that.

Another choice would be transmigrating. You know, like Grahf.


The power to have all the powers I want


power to burn stuff would be fun.

teleportation would be awesome



To never have to sleep.

I would like to be able to control ice and water.

God damnit, Cartman! You can’t do that!

Plus, I was gonna say that. :frowning:

But… I’ll just have to take the power to turn… SG INTO A CHICKEN!

I changed my mind. I want the Chicken Rush power from Link to the Past.

psionic storms sound fun to me.

Can I change my super power to being a moderator of this forum? Thats a pimped out power to have… :slight_smile:

Well, I think I’d pick Raziel’s spectral shift ability. Then I could reconstruct my form as many times as I’d like or just go into the spectral realm when someone started bugging me too much.

i guess the only thing i would like is ninja skills so it’s what i would want :slight_smile: