If RPGC were representative of the US (or world)

How fucked up would we be? What would rule? What would we always do? What kind of porn would reign supreme? Would things be free?

Answer any that you wish and any other questions you may have.


It’d be a lovely world.
A world ruled by an iron fist.
A world where video games is a way of life.
A world where pianos are things that drop from the sky.
A world where Death walks the streets in material form.

I like it already.

I would create my dragon world and be the supreme ruler.

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I think we’d do great.

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You forget, Yar, that Sinistral is a Canadian living in America, and thus cannot run for President. However, he can become the Governer of California.


I don’t think being born in the US is a prerequisite for president of the world.

CATGIRLS ^___________________________^

Would booze-laws be more liberate?

drools :yipee: :yipee:

An oligarchy would rule and none of you regular peons would have any official say in the matters.

Like now? :open_mouth:


It’s true, folks. He never does.

So whenever he tries to say oligarchy, we get Kagon to shoot him in the left nut.

Indeed. [opens door, shouts] KAGON! [closes door]

I am a president-for-life, I rule this country with an iron fist… because everyone PLOTS AGAINST ME!

I guess that I should represent some small isolated but cultured and beautiful mediaeval kingdom.

Did anyone else read the title of this thread and shudder involuntarily before clicking?

984 loves the oligarchy. He really never does miss a chance to say it.

I guess I’d finally be the mayor… maybe.