If I was a mail order bride, would you order me?

Would you?

That depends will you be alive upon arrival.

Of course. You’d make a wonderful pet.


Depends…are you hot?

That depends, do you come with a free plate of nachos and/or a 12 inch Hoagie?

That depends, do you do housework? Will you go to my job for me so I can relax all day? Do you mind if I keep a girlfriend on the side?

And most importantly, do you come with one of those little dinky boxes of chocolates?

My hair’s shorter now, since my head was shaved for a while, but it’s getting close to the same length.

I do housework, and I would do your job, however, I might not be able to do it well.

While I might not ‘come with’ free food, I could always sneak it in the crate I was mailed in with me.

Hmmm you look a little young. Sorry.

The simple fact that you failed to make an innuendo about Hoagies (especially 12 inches) proves to me you’re not worth buying. Good day to you!

I would totally order you as a joke for my ugly sister :D. If you’re a guy, wouldn’t that be a mail order groom?

The question isn’t if he were a mail-order groom. It’s if he were a mail-order bride, would you order him. Ya know?

Oh ok, sure I would. votes yes

Only if you lose the emo/goth look. I think this might suit you better.

Emo/goth look? :’(
It’s not my fault I have black hair. . .
Plus, it’s ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’ Social D, not ‘I Was Wrong’ Social D. Just for the record.

Anyway, it is indeed ‘bride’ for a reason. I intended to post my ‘crossdressing in japan’ picture, but I can’t find it.

Nah, I prefer female brides.

Hell no! Isn’t the name “mail order bride” licensed to Russian people who send you a chick and her brother comes as an “escort”?

You don’t look like Russian to me. Can a trusted, totally unknown source verify what you say?


I aint into guys, being one myself. I like the ladies, I believe Valkyrie Esker is female, so I’d order her!!! ^^! Hmmmm or maybe Weiila.

You don;t even know what we look like. At least you know what Arac looks like.