If I was a mail order bride, would you order me?

VE used to be female, but then he came out and said that was a lie.

yeah, went the whole nine yards, got the surgery, now I’m one of those wacky F-to-M people. Yay, testosterone.


And Weilla is mine to creepy internet hit on! You can creepy e-hit on VE all you want, though.

I dont like chicks that have 12-inch Subs.

Well, aren’t you picky. And it’s more like 2 and three quarter inch. Oh hell yeah, baby.

Nuh-uh! It’s 2 and 7/8 inches. I saw it

…I wont ask…lol

depends. How small can you make yourself? I really have no room for an extra person to sleep.

I’m already small, baby. Oh, you meant overall, not penis size. I don’t know, I’m skinny as hell and not too tall.

I’m not anti-gay. I don’t agree with that lifestyle, and am 100% straigtht, but you will not find me at anti homosexual rallies telling them their all freaks. I just like women!

You’re mercifully subtle at it, if so XD Oh wait, you’re e-stalking “Weilla”. Carry on, then.

And no, sorry. I don’t want to share the cookies. MINE.

So subtle I spelled your name wrong, baby. Oh yeah.

EDIT: In that case, Ziggy, I retract my statement, and replace it with ‘Manophobe’. Which sounds strangely like manifold.

How can I be a manophobe, being a man? am I afraid of myself? Don’t think so! And the net is big enough for two guys to e-stalk someone, so there ;p

Just TWO? Please. Weiila, as one of, what, three or four real girls on the Internet, how many stalkers have you had now?

Ziggy: There is a white supremist preacher who is, if I remember, half-black. Now, he’s also blind, but still. You’re like him, only with men. Trust me, I know much better than you. I talk to you over the interweb, you are you. Who do you think would know? Me. That’s right.

Yeah, plus, I really can’t creepy stalk people for very long. I mean, she lives in Sweden. Airline tickets every time I want to go a stalkin’ are expensive. I’m thinking of giving up on the whole game and just going to non-creepy internet hitting on. Oh, wait, all internet hitting on is creepy.

First, straighter than an arrow am i. True, I don’t agree with homosexual beliefs and actions, but I believe that they are born the way that they are. A hypocrite am I not!

Being disabled I can only stalk her so far, so I’ll just keep it on here. yeah VE, I believe you are right, she probably has over a milllion dudes just drooling and stalking her.

More like <i>male</i>-order bride


First, straighter than an arrow am i. True, I don’t agree with homosexual beliefs and actions, but I believe that they are born the way that they are. A hypocrite am I not!


Hey, I have no interest in Weilla! Not everyone does, despite your stereotypes of Internet weirdos(which I am) Also Arac, if you’d be willing to post a picture of yourself in a dress, and shave, and put your hair in a pony-tail, I may consider.

My hair’s too short for the pony tail, but I do own a dress and will be clean shaven during the period I change my goatee thing intowolverine-esque sideburns, so I could maybe pull of a picture if my hair grows fast. There is one of me in make up and a dress in Japan, but I am most clearly not shaven in it. Nor is my hair in a pony tail, but if I remember, something was done to it. I’ll have to ask Kerolina for it.

Are you claiming I am a hypocrit? I don’t accept that they choice to live this lifestyle, I believe they are born this way, but I don’t agree with them giving into this despire. This doesn’t make me a hypocrite, and if it does, I would like to have an explination as to how.