If Dubya was a teach

It would make many university students in physics, chem & biology cry

Okay, this may not relate to the topic itself, but should I be worried if I can answer pretty much all of those correctly, but can’t put them in the right words? (I have lack of grammar in this specific area…)

That’s ok. God’s will is hard to describe ^_~ :hahaha;

This is pretty much the same problem I have. I can memorise things well, just not the words attached to those things.

I hope God leaves me something in his will. Yeah, God’s stereo would be sweet.

Not really, it’s just high school stuff. You were taught most of it during physics and biology, or at least I was.

It would make me cry too, and I’m an English/History Major.

It wouldn’t. It has ’ AThousand Cries of Hallelulja’ jammed in the CD-Tray.

That would pretty much suck.

And if America’s educational system ever comes to that while I’m still here, fuck moving out. I’m killing myself.

Killing yourself is not the answer. RAGE, and kill the enemy.

Heh, we’d be pretty much screwed if that guy was allowed to teach.

You mean this isn’t happening already? What about that thing the Flying-Spaghetti-Monstrism was trying to stop being taught in school somewhere (I think in Ohio)?

im more worried by the fact that i havent even graduated high school yet, but im still smarter than one of the most powerful men in the world.

What makes Bush so dumb? that’s Gravity causing his intelligence to drop to the ground.

I’m fairly sure it was Kansas, and the whole issue was ID being taught in public school classes.

Great picture, but I didn’t set it as my desktop. My brother asks why, I say “rather not have a naked man on my desktop.” He says “true, and I doubt Michelangelo used censorship bars to make things kid-safe.”

I was just reading about the Pastafarians this morning!
They finish praise with “Ramen” ^^


What is that? The spaghetti monster, I mean

Just a teacher? Imagine if he taught at MIT.

I have a feeling that the test you posted is actualy a political satire, and not an actual test taken by George W. Bush.

Yes, but Bush is the teacher, not the student. >_>

To say something about science and intelligent design: Science makes no ethical decisions. It only describes how things work. Thus intelligent design is a valid, if unprovable, point of view.

How does one thing relate to the other?