I'd feel awkward to live in this town...


Delicious, isn’t it?

hmm, deja vu…

I personally think Jersey Shore, PA, is a more interesting name for a town. It’s slightly less humorous if you know why it’s called that but still funny.

Delicious, indeed. :mwahaha:

Hm… I don’t really know how funny it is… I mean, in Danish “Taske” means “bag”, but in swedish it’s a slang for prostitute… There’s all kinds of misunderstandings through languages, and I am not going to tell you what “pig” means in Danish

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Delicious, indeed. :mwahaha:

hahaha… when I’m in austria I’m gonna have a picture taking of me fucking fucking

:hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha; :mwahaha:

Welcome to Fucking Austria. Quite possibly the best name for a town ever.

Best. Town name. Ever.

Actually there are several places (25 at least, not sure exactly how many) like that all over the world. Places that names are either rude, or just sound it. There was a list of them, and there locations in this book my friend had.

It has an excuse- it’s not an english background. I’m sure there are plenty of english places here in NA and Britain that are hilariously funny to people who speak other languages.

The second sign carries the hilarity even further: “Bitte — nicht so schnell!” is German for “Please — not so fast!” (Apparently that sign is a commonplace reminder to keep automotive speeds down to protect children, but the juxtaposition in this case is particularly delicious.)

Oh dear Lord that’s funny.

I remember comming across that while browsing the urban legends page heh.

It is still funny though =)

Could be worse- could live in Scunthrope :wink: or even Wetwang :thud:

(remove the S… :get it?: )

That’s nothing: You should have lived in Hell, a small town here in Norway.

And this is old, it was brought up during the last Snopes bandwagon.

So which is it you wanna be, a Hellian or a Fucking citizen? :ulty:

This is still [ahem] fucking hilarious.

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This is still [ahem] fucking hilarious.


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This is still [ahem] fucking hilarious.


Thanks Giza, I so needed a laugh tody!

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Thanks Giza, I so needed a laugh tody!
Mahhhhhh. Diarrhea.