I want to post again!


poop deck poop deck lolz pirate talks!

Oh, giving god of fappery, you have truly blessed me on this day.

You paid that much? Is should at least be XP Pro for that amount.

Oh I dont care, anything is better than millenium

Indeed, but with XP Pro, you could run websites in your machine.

Here’s the occasion to finally tell you that your avatar is so not you, Eva. I suggest you change it to commemorate your return. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Paying for Windows can be an ill-advised move. We all post from our Linux boxes in our parents’ basements.

Anyway, XP is pretty much SSDW (Same Shit, Different Wrapper). I’m taking UNIX courses at my local Community College in a last minute bid to reduce my dependance on Windows before DRM is implemented, Vista comes out and we’re all in some shit.

server 2003 is better for hosting web pages.
You can get it free <a href=“http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/evaluation/trial/default.mspx#EFAA”>here</a>.

taaa daaaaa…bows low This is better, right?

The evaluation version is not as good as the real thing. Plus, it’d be overkill. Server 2003 is mostly for companies, or people running some really sophisticated web apps. I have a licensed full copy but I ain’t anywhere near using it at home. You’ll be doing all the same things as with XP Pro but your machine will be less useful if you’re only going to host a page.

Both XP Pro and Server 2003 run IIS, which is what you need to stablish a HTTP, FTP or email server. A pity M$ didn’t include it in XP Home Edition though, it’d wouldn’t be bad. Now, I hear Vista will come with IIS by default.

And Kraken, XP is not 98 in another cask. 98 is a lemming, it only runs to die somewhere on its course. XP, specially with SP2, is way more stable and safe. SP2 specifically is a must have.


Vista, from what I have seen on many boards discussing the beta, also comes with a disturbing little feature:
A <a href=“http://www.winvistasecrets.com/forum/index.php/topic,49.0.html”>built-in P2P feature</a> that’s on by default. If I remember correctly, it’s basically a bit torrent clone, but don’t quote me on that.
I do know that IIS is needed, believe me. I’ve used this puppy for more than just IIS. I’ve hosted a few different kinds of servers on this thing in the time I’ve had it.

They’ve announced that P2P feature will be turned off by default, due to security reasons.

Now, speaking of IIS, I’m thinking of finally putting it to use. In a month I’m buying a domain, but for now I’ll stay with no-ip.

hey hey hey this thread has degenerated into techie talk and we all know i dont speak that language.

the only language you speek is girl, and that is just a bunch of “tee hees” and comments about your period

I didn’t say it was 98. I said it was Windows.

What! You’re getting rid of you…

I’m not getting rid of you… XP’s Boob’s are way to big…

Or XP eat memory like it was sherbert…

Very nice avatar change; I approve!

On the WinXP thing, yeah, pro is definitely the way to go.

On what’s going on with people, today is my last day in the country, boo:( Back to Iraq for me!

And I’m still evil. Isn’t that great?

It is in all respects the real thing. There is no missing functionality and there’s technically no limitations to the evaluation lisence ( except that it only lasts one-hundred-and-eighty days. ) It’s even very simple to upgrade ( read: crack ) to the corporate edition.