I want to post again!

Hi guys! I haven’t been very active lately, for a couple reasons. What’s it been like a month and a half? I’m sure all of you have seen me post here and there though (duh where else can I turn if something goes wrong in ogre battle or my computer). Well I’ve decided to come back and post heavily like I used to. See? We ALL return here at some point, mwahaha.

Anyway, I wish I had some interesting updates for you all, but I don’t. Needless to say, I’ll keep rambling on.

I got a little bit tired of RPGC during the summer due to some user-bullshit going on in the boards, and in chat, when I peeked in occasionally (but of course, I suppose I provoked it). Anyway, sensitive soul that I am, I took some things seriously and grew to resent a good many of you :slight_smile: But come on, forum politics shouldn’t ruin internet fun, eh eh eh, so I got over it pretty quickly. But it’s what encouraged me to spending most of my online time here and I’m kinda glad that I did.

Anyway, for real life stuff, well nothing much has happened. The start of September has come and gone and it feels nice to just chill out. Community college starts for me next year (Sept 2006) so I’m actually having a blast just doing nothing but having “me” time. I’m working part time every week, so I have some play-money coming in. Oh and I got windows XP! It was like 150 bucks but the sign said 99 so i got it for that much. I was pleased. Hopefully I wont be bugging <s>Devillion</s>people so much for tech help. I also got a kitty. My last feline love of my life was euthanised last January and I was hurting for awhile, and still am. But a kitten is really nice to have around. I named him Loki, and he lives up to his name pretty well. I was originally going to get two bunnies and name them Charlemagne and Bluemageone, but Charle, BMO and I all broke up last summer (tee hee!) and no one would understand the name BlueMageOne, so I just went for Loki instead.

In other news, I’m still considering options for my future, career-wise. I’m sure I told many of you that I’m going into paralegal services, but I’m still open for an alternative (or something to do later on down the road) and I’m thinking…duhn duhn…sociology. Or something. Anyway I’ll have to get more info on that.

Mmm nothing much else. Still gaming, finished Twilight of the Spirits this something, took up Valkyrie Profile again. Maybe this weekend I’ll finish the shrine >> I hope to. I rented Ogre Battle last Friday (they STILL wont sell it to me, gosh darn it) and of course, made use of SK’s incredibly bad ass shrine. Uh, my new anime collection consists of Angel Sanctuary and Bloodlust. Go me! Oh and I bought Wild Arms and Legend of Legaia for like seven bucks, recently. Are they worth it? I hope so. I’m trying to round up all of the old stuff before they become REALLY obscure. Speaking of which, I still haven’t gotten BoF 1 and 2 yet! Anyone want to sell it to me?

The home life and the love life is doing fine. I think I’m pretty much without cause to angst (yet this wont stop me from doing so).

As for what I’ve been doing online, well just kickin around. I tried to help out at a budding FF site and forum and was managing the game coverages (much like whomever oversees all of the creation of the shrines here) but a fucking 12 year old is the one running the show, couple that with the fact that some of those people are just not too quick when it comes to online public relations ( ha ha ha I’m a nerd) I just said screw everything, and decided to start posting here again. I miss the sarcasm, the wit, the music threads that always degenerated into Steve versuses Hades (might I add the threads were always incredibly moronic in that case ha ha ha), the pictures with funny zingers, the elite chat go-ers popping in and posting from time to time as if it meant anything to anyone, and goddamn I missed the weekly I luff Sin’s hair threads. And all of that. Let me take a moment to get serious and say ya’ll are really cool forum personalities and you make wasting time fun.

So what’s been up with everything? Sorc is in college, apparently Sin’s uni fees or something have been wavered, Trillian has a pirate avatar, BMO and Sycho are living together (ha!) and Hades is still banned. I’m sure there’s more. Discuss!

great story

it is, now stfu and get out of my thread ha ha ha what a great one liner

tl;dr <img src=“http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/7131/emotrolleyes4pl.gif”>

It’s true, Dev. It’s true.

i love this

You don’t know what’s true?

That’s Why you’ve been Quiet here…

No One I know outside RPGC knows what Merlin’s Piano Joke is som It been wasted several times since you’ve been away…

to be honest butter, I dont think I’ve ever got that one either.


Er, hi. >.>

Except that she left out the part where her and I had mad sex :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll second that.

oh yes. Many many times. you haven’t been a stranger lately have you :slight_smile:

It’s Proberbly me hanging Europeans… Dutch and German…

Ja, It might expain my engrish lately…

It’s cuz he’s heavy metal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, let be the first to say, return XP, you got screwed. >_>

that isn’t the first time I was told that. why?


No shit?

I meant it as an inside joke of sorts. :stuck_out_tongue: