I suppose it goes "can't defeat them, join them"

But still, it looks like a parody to me, nothing more, nothing less.


In this board & dice RPG characters have to fight against demons, satan, and sins like lewdness & astrology (since when is astrology a sin?). Which is quite funny to know about, since in the RPG that started it all, D&D, you can summon demons to your aid. Mostly everything RPG related’s gotta have some beautiful boob-shaking amazons in little to no clothing. And it wouldn’t be strange to find mages dealing with astrology.

Oh yeah… In this game, instead of a Game Master you have a Game Shepherd. Other things of interest are the fact that you cast spells by chanting bible verses (wasn’t spellcasting considered one of the worst sins to the church?). To cope it off, the book of foes is an introduction to demonology (paradox?)

astrology is a sin because its a thing about false prophets and magicians, which are denounced by christians.

So are those weather forecasters in TV, and the church doesn’t attack them :slight_smile:

Anyway you use magic in this game, and you do so by chanting bible verses. So it’s as bad as astrology.

as a note, weather forecasting can be pretty precise with the right equipment and man power.

I’m not going to the link. I’ve had enough with religious crap.


That did it.

Ok, ok, allow me to vent a little please.

I’m either about to be making a lotta friends, or a lotta enemies…

I’ll warn you that this is gonna be a lengthy post, but there’s some good stuff in here, and I really want you all to understand where I’m coming from. Please take the time to read this,

I GOTTA get this out.

Thank you.
Here goes.

I’m sick and tired of people who CLAIM to be Christians but instead wind up giving us a bad name because they don’t have the integrity to stick it out and follow, on a daily basis, the one who SAVED them!

I’m sick and tired of people who CALL themselves Christians just because they go to church regularly, and do something nice evey now and then.

Just because you go to the zoo doesn’t make you an animal. Just because your parents were Christians doesn’t mean you are.
Just because you are nice to people doesn’t mean you’re getting into heaven.
It’s a thing called grace.
Accept it.

I’m sick and tired of people who THINK that just because Jesus forgives everything they’ve done or will do, that they have a free license to behave like jerks to just about everyone and then go and ‘apologize’ like they’re sorry, when their hearts never changed in the first place.

Isn’t it funny how Christians are supposed to be the light of the world, but we’ve become quite famous as the scum of the earth?

Aren’t WE supposed to be setting the example?

HELLO! Ever read your Bible? Come on people, I was reading just this morning in Titus 2:7-8. Know what it says?
here goes:
7 Show yourself in all respects a model of good deeds, and in your teaching show integrity, gravity, 8 and sound speech that cannot be censured, so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say of us.

YET, it seems that we’ve got a nice big record of evil stuff that can be said to/about us.

If you claim to be a Christian in here, I am calling out to you, re-asses just how much of a Christian you are, and make a stand one way or another.

The Bible often mentions that we are in the middle of a spiritual war. I’m sorry, but if you stand in the middle, and wait for the two sides to collide before you make a choice, it’ll be too late.

PLEASE, if you call yourself a Christian, then ACT like one.

To those who aren’t Christians. What can I say? I totally understand you! Because with all of the oh-so-lovely examples of ‘Christianity’ out there, why WOULDN’T you’d be sick of it, and not want anything to do with it?

PLEASE don’t be turned off from God because of just a few, or even countless bad experiences. If there’s 99 wolves dressed like sheep, and claiming to be sheep, in the presence of 1 lone REAL sheep, understand that it’s the sheep who’s the sheep, not the wolves.

I must say this, when a person finds the truth, accepts it, AND lives by it day in and day out, THEN, you’ll have a REAL Christian on your hands. I know quite a few of these REAL ones, and they’re THE nicest people I know. (There’s a reason behind it too.)

I know I haven’t always been the nicest person to converse with, but please understand how much I love my God. It hurts me so badly whenever someone ridicules Him. This is not an excuse or anything for the times I’ve been a jerk. This is an apology and an explanation as to the WHY.

Yeah, I went about it the wrong way. I got on peoples’ cases and pushed issues that weren’t there. I’m sorry.

Yeah, I love you all so much, and believe this so thoroughly, so passionately, so strongly, and I KNOW it is true, thus I don’t want to see you wind up in hell.

(And yes, that means that I believe that if you aren’t a Christian then you go to hell.)

I don’t know what to say but that,

  1. I’m sorry for all the bad encounters you’ve had.
  2. I’m praying that you’ll be able to meet some people who are the real deal someday.
  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love you all.

Well, I’m out.
The RPGC has been great, and I would not trade the memories I’ve got from here for anything else. You are all a bunch of FLIPPIN’ GREAT people, even though we’ve had MANY a disagreement.

I don’t think I’ll be coming back for a while as I’m getting really busy IRL. You guys have a good one and don’t let too much change while I’m gone.

Yours in Him,

a.k.a. IRL
Adam E. Brewster

P.S. I might be able to check up every now and then for a little while yet… so don’t start missing me toooooo soon…:stuck_out_tongue:

that was one of the more honest religious posts I’ve seen here, while I don’t agree with every single word, nice attempt.

Though a bit over reacting on a parody of the religious right, I do think its a worthwhile post also

Wow, very nicely written. I can understand where your fustration is coming from, you seem like you have wanted to say that for awhile:p See ya round and stuff.

Sorry for stealing your style, Sin, but:

Astrology is utter bullshit. The forces that even Sirius or Proxima Centauri are less than a quadrillionth of the forces you and your computer exert on each other. Not to mention that if the planets affected our luck, we all would have died in 2000 because a great planetary alignment was predicted (and don’t even get me started on “Worlds in Collision”).

Also, the predictions themselves are right a lot of the time because they’re made intentionally vague as fuck. All 12 could apply to you. Check out The Amazing Randi for more (That guy kicks ass). he did an experiment where he gave 30 students who didn’t know who he was (they thought he was a psychic/astrologer) predictions based on their birthdays. They were all preety accurate, or so the students claimed. Then, they gave their predictions to their partners. Surprise! They all got the same one.


I wonder what the esteemed Jack Chick would think about a Christian roleplaying game…

OK, Rast, I’ve seen people fuck up links before, but that takes the caik. Seriously, dude, you need a rest.

And Black Leaf deserved to die. No thief that can’t find a simple fucking poison trap deserves to get to the 7th level. She shoulda been extra careful what with that bitch of a DM.

And if Elfstar was so devastated by Black Leaf’s death, couldn’t she just Ressurect her? She’s at the 8th level, and she knows people…


There’s things that are funny, and then there’s things that just stay funny, no matter how much you see them or how old they are. The fact that it’s 100% serious makes it all the more ludicrious.

Well, actually, that tract preety much tells the truth, and if I were a christian, I would not dabble in the occult or anything like that.

However, I am, at heart, a scientist, and I simply cannot accept a god without proof.

Jack Chick
Seriously, that pamphlet is the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever seen.
This one lady handed out pamphlets like that at halloween. It’s people like that that don’t deserve children.


Way to godmode, Elfstar. “My Spell of Light blinds the monster.” I’m sorry, I don’t remember inviting MANUS to this gaming session. Bitch.


I reiterate: No thief that can’t find a single fucking poison trap spell at that point in the game deserves to live. It’s called Natural Selection, and if Darwin were into DnD, he’d agree.


No, don’t call it Charisma, call it Personality. Not only is she a Nazi DM, she’s also fucking inept.


That was fast. What, no initiation test? No hazing? Aww, I wanted to see naked mud wrestling Elfstar ;.;


OK, apparently Elfstar is actually the She-Hulk. Wow, that was an effective spell. Don’t make her angry.


Hey, Elfstar, try casting a bondage spell on your nose. S+M bitch.


Well, maybe if Der Dungeonmeister had let her make a new character (keep it simple…Orc Fighter) she wouldn’t be IN this predicament! Lesson, kids: If you can’t handle the death of imaginary people, don’t choose Nazis as your DMs.


Dude, 5 bucks says the Dragon did it. Also, your face is bleeding.


Remember kids, Guns don’t kill people, Bitch DMs armed with poison traps kill inept rogues.


Whoa, I didn’t know Alex Trebek joined Fantasy Bondage Anonymous. I guess that motherfucker forgot to cast that spell in the form of a question. BITCH.


Wait, so let me get this straight. Casting Mind spells from Diana is a bad thing, but summoning a burning Jesus is OK? Where the fuck does a game show host draw the line?! Oh, and you’re also burning the evidence. I told you, the dragon did it.

sheds a tear
that was beautiful X

I seriously don’t know what came over me. But I think I’ve found my calling: Reviewing Chick tracts Masterpiece Movie Reviews style. I’m seriously gonna create a subsite or something, cuz I feel the power.


I’m saving this for later

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
I seriously don’t know what came over me. But I think I’ve found my calling: Reviewing Chick tracts Masterpiece Movie Reviews style. I’m seriously gonna create a subsite or something, cuz I feel the power.

Do it, please.