I never thought that I'd say this...

…but I’m starting to really enjoy rap music, especially by NWA and Gravediggaz- although I also like sillier sounding stuff like Digital Underground. I also think that a lot of Eminem’s stuff is pretty good, and you can thank Rage Against the Machine for getting me to think that I’d even be interested in the genre at all. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of rap music (the only album that I own that could be considered rap at all is Rage Against the Machine’s self titled album), so I’d like artist/album/song reccomendations very much, thank you.

Which means something is seriously wrong with you and you need to be shot or see a doctor.

I don’t know of any albums but I’ll talk to some people at school they’ll be able to name off every rap CD made in the last 10 years.

With a left, right, left your toothless
and everybody say “god damn they ruthless”

She said somethin’ that I couldn’t believe
So I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy ass weave
Started talkin’ shit, wouldn’t you know?
I reached back like a pimp and I slapped the ho

I’d want someone to point me towards a Rapper, ANY rapper besides for Eminem that sings about something that doesn’t directly relate to parties, ho’s, “bling bling” and that has at least one video without a black chick in lingerie, because to be honest I haven’t seen anything but that for a long, long time.


Dude Gravediggaz are awesome.

Same with me. I never thought i could enjoy rap, but i like NWA. I thought i’d never like any rap, but i looked them up after hearing them on GTASA, and now i love it. I really like wu-tang clan and chuck d/Public Enemy too.

I don’t like most rap though. =\ I think there’s a real difference between “real” rap, and the shit they play on the radio. But not being a rap aficionado, i wouldn’t really know.

I really have no problem with any of the older stuff (NWA, Onyx, Naughty By Nature, etc…), since it’s better than the new stuff that’s out.

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True, I’ve never been a rap supporter, but the original is better than the shit now anyways.



Heh, I always thought Eminem was pretty cool, but the rest is just meh… Guns hos bitches wassup we like da pussy and guns and hos money money bling hos bitches and money!

Will Smith. :smiley:

Man, I’ve recently found myself enjoying rap music as well. Most videos are silly indeed, but they’re funny to a certain extent. I have no clue what the difference is between “real” rap and the shit they play on the radio, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue: Like, I’ve always considered Will Smith to be more hip-hop-ish than a rapper. <.<

Thanks, but is there anyone like that who is still making stuff or are we all stuck with Half a Buck and Droopy Dung?

Most, if not all, of Nas’s stuff has little to do with “ho’s, parties and bling bling”. Since you said you haven’t seen one in a long time, Nas’s new video Featuring Quan (A Moment of Silence) is a perfect example. Nas’s lyrics generally act put the life of the ghetto and the hood into light for all to see.

Ken, what kind of rap do you want? Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop…what? Gangsta Rap is the kind of stuff that dominates the airwaves these days (or Crunk, which originated in Atlanta, which is generally just bass-heavy club tracks).

ninjaedit: as far as the “real rap” and “fake rap” arguement goes, real rap generally is used in place of old school, groups like KRS One, Run DMC, Grandmasta Flash…stuff like that, which was predominatly just about neighborhoods and just being black in a white world. Fake rap is usually the stuff that is on the radio these days.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not quite sure about what the difference between Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap or whatever is; What I meant was that, for a style that supposedly originated as getaway for ghetto habitants to bitch about their severely crappy lives while managing to make a living, the omnipresence of the “I’m a PIMP-like” songs just doesn’t fit. Most rap music nowadays is as deep as N’freakingSync.

Then again, most music in general isn’t supposed to give you deep thoughts. Music is auditory only - so it’s just supposed to sound good, not make you contemplate the deep meanings of the inner streets or something. Sure, it’s great when something DOES make you think hard, but so what if it doesn’t?

Does anyone have any TOASTER they can send me?

Edit: TD told me not to ask because he’s too awesome to have any songs/suggestions of where to find them.

On a completely unrelated note, my faith in my heterosexual nature is weakening every day. I seek professional counceling, preferably with pictures and movies of what lies down the opposite path.

Edit: TD is kind of a n00b. Only without a vagina

Edit: What can I say, I like bread.