I never thought that I'd say this...

I have some, but no, I won’t send it to you. Now stop trying to derail the thread.

k cool thanks

I know that, but that’s where Rap has it’s weakness: It doesn’t SOUND good, the virtue is supposed to be in the lyrics.

It doesn’t sound good to you; I think it sounds great.

The virtue is in the lyrics, but the entertainment is in the beat.

Finally, another rap fan. :smiley: I like the genre, but as with any other… there is good music, and then there’s a lot of crap that you usually have to wade through to get it.

I guess it’s up to taste then.

Well, everything is up to taste - it just irritates me when people complain about Rap not having deep meaningful lyrics like it’s really supposed to or something.

I dunno, I’ve lived in Atlanta all my life. I’m so infused with the hip hop culture that I really can’t distinguish it from me acting in any other manner. It’s just fun music. It’s kind of like kung fu movies. They’re all pretty much the same, but every once in a while someone will release a really deep and meaningful one that still stays true to the regular style of things.

By the way, Rountree, you don’t really go to a music store and buy rap albums. One thing you need to realize is that rap is fundamentally different than pretty much any other genre, specficially in how the music is recorded. Rappers are pretty much like poets in that they make hundreds, maybe thousands, of songs. Unreleased songs, free styles, stuff like that. Your best bet to dive into the rap world is to hit up a street corner and buy some mix tapes.

Rap just suffers from what all dominant music styles go trough during their time of glory: Thousands of clone-like songs that God knows why actually sell, spawning even more of the same repetitive shit. I’m all for good fun but when it reaches the point where only 1/100 of the musicians put some actual feeling on whatever the hell they’re singing, people like me start bitching.

This isn’t new of course, it happened with every single style that became popular, but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable. Like I said, I’m all for meaningless fun, just as long as that’s not the ONLY thing there is for an extended period of time.

See, I’m all about mindless fun. That’s one of the reasons I did drugs for a good little bit was that it was just senseless, mindless fun.

I think that I like the harder styles of rap, but I do like older stuff, too. If they’re hilarious (such as Thee Kottonmouth Kings, of which the lead guy sounds like a fucking old man) or have pretty damned good lyrical content (such as Eminem), or have excessively violent lyrical content (NWA) without being completely retarded (Geto Boys, IMO- although they do have a camp charm), then that would be cool. Any one of the three. I guess that I’m leaning towards gangsta rap, but I really like the older gangsta stuff, rather than the bullshit that they have on the radio.

Note: I hate, hate, hate Crunk.

Personally I like Eminem’s stuff. Mainly because he has some great content in his raps. And impressive vocalisation, you can actually understand what he is saying no matter how fast he says it.

NWA are awesome. Straight Outta Compton!

Hmmm I could recommened one rap artist: Necro. His style is considered death rap, I think. I enjoy it because it’s so excessively violent, and he throws a bit of props to metal once in a while. I’d link to his site but it contains a fair amount of porn, so yeah, just look up necro on google.