I need help with Final Fantasy V ;.;

Well… I recently picked up my old FFV game, and started to play it. I got pretty far in the past few days, I think. And I was wondering if there is an easy way to beat X-Death in his castle (In the morped one, with the moving walls). Here are my characters with level and some stats, if it helps in my dilema (sp?).

Burtz - Level 23
LV3 Summoner


Reina - Level 22
LV3 Red Mage


Krile* - Level 23
LV3 White Mage


Faris - Level 23
LV3 Samurai


The only summons I have are Carbunkl, Ifrit, and Titan. And I don’t have much magic. I usually spend my money on equipment, and also !$Toss ability (Killed the previous few bosses with this and some minor red magic).

The only spells I have, that I can think of off the top of my head are as follows:

Cure, Cure2, Antidot, Raise, and some others I cannot think of.

Fire, Fire2, Fire3, Ice, Ice2, Ice3, Bolt, Bolt2, Bolt3, Poison, Mini, Mute, and a few others.

Regen, Comet, Float, Telepo, Haste, Slow, Stop, and one other.

None that I know of.

So, there I am, in X-deaths castle… I’ve attempted multiple times on this guy, and only seem to kill off about 10,000 HP off of him. He has 32,768 HP! My !$Toss ability only seems to do 1,050 or 1,200 damage with each. By the way, how much GP does it take for each toss? If it matters, currently, I have about 14,000 gold.

[b]*About Krile… currently, I’m playing my old FFV disc, included with Final Fantasy Anthologies. If I remember correctly, on my SNES version, for emulator, her name was Cara, or Cala. I don’t remember anyone named Krile, until now. =/

I’ve beaten him with i guess Lv 32-35, he is still a hard bitch!

Use anything Holy-elemental (but not cure he’s no undead)

A Lancer should be good too since he can avoid attacks.

A samurai for a high critical hit chance,

A Whitemage is a MUST HAVE!

It’s also good to have two healers,

and dozens of healing/reviving Items

Summoners can do nice damage too…

But, the problem is, I haven’t mastered any class, and don’t have Cure3. Also, my average level is 23. =(

The main problem is in World two aren’t good places to level up…

But if you go down in the Catacombs of castle Val you will encounter Stone Statues easy to

defeat with a pack of softs, they appear in groups of 2 and 6 men, the two give 4AP and

the 6 give 8AP until now the best way to level the classes up…

For Money hmm i think going to dragon mountain defeating zombie dragons and

selling their fangs is a good method, they give 2500 each, and zombie dragons

are easily defeated

VERY much later in the game you will encounter movers, the best way to gain

money (300000Gil) and powering up classes in NO TIME! they give 300AP

Thanks for the information. A question, who is Cara, named Krile in my version? =( Cara = such cool.

Anyways, do you know how the !$Toss ability works? I mean, at level 22, I did 1050 to X-death, but at level 23, I did 1200 to him… does it go up by 150 every level?

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and you need Time Magic: Exit to leave X-deaths castle? All I got is Telepo.

; ;

i guess you can leave the castle with any method, its just a stupid maze…

well in every other FF coin toss works like this 10Gil=1 Damage

but this wont work in FF5

Cara/Kile is Galufs Granddaughter Princessof Val castle

here goes a [SPOILER]Don’t think you faced X-Death the last time!, just wait for his Soon-to-appear-


(by the way you’re really from HongKong?)

To be honest, I went to Hong Kong for a visit, now back in Canada. So, no.

I know it’s not the final fight with X-death. Minions?

[SPOILER]Once he is in the X-Zone (Yes where he banished Gilgamesh) He becomes Lord of all the

great demons who were sealed there. [/SPOILER]
Nice what is HongKong like?

It’s cool. I can’t speak hong kongenese (Cantonese?) very well. =(

Oh, and I did know about that, I viewed countless spoilers to know when to get exicted, and et cetera.

So, !$Toss damage depends on level of user AND enemy? Anyone know how it works out?

Alright back to the probs…

I don’t recommend using $toss on X-Death, it’s wasting money…

I highly depends on the enemies weakness

for example the shield dragons take 0-100 damage by $toss

!$Toss is my damage-doer. Being level 23 and all.

I know that was my kill-all-and-everything-tech too (at the beginning),

but now i’m strong enough to kill all by myself,

with all jobs mastered (and my lowest character is Lv70) is the game much easier

but still beware of SHINRYUU and OMEGA!

Maybe you should consider buying some more magic, finding some more summons, and gaining some levels.

I got 4 summons, Ifrit, Golem, Carbunkl, and Titan. I don’t think you can buy summons in World 2. I looked in World 1, and they were selling summons, but checked almost everywhere in World 2 for summon shops… I’ve already stocked on some more magic.

What level is reccomended for X-death in his castle? I’m level 25 for all but 1, the other is 24, and can’t seem to beat it.

I’m also low on cash. ; ; Only got like, 4900 gold left. ; ;

You can’t buy summons for the most part, the first three being the only exceptions. You can’t pick up Shiva now until maybe the third world, but I can’t recall if it would be possible then even. Most of the summons you will have to find. I found that for most boss battles, being able to cast Haste (or Haste-all if possible) and Golem to be very helpful. And maybe you just have to level up a little, especially if you’re about to run out of money and you rely on !$Toss as a major damage dealer.

And about Krile being a wierd name, I had a translated rom that had Cara as being Kururu.


Why did they change names in the PSX version? Bal is now Val. Cara is now Krile. And some others.

If I recall correctly, in Surgate Castle, if you searched a certain bookshelf, Burtz, will say:

P…L…A…Y…B… nope, not here.

That was friggin’ awesome.

Because the translators that did the game suck.

Yeah, probably. =/

currect translations ar hart to make…

I can be happy IF i get a translated game,

but I’m even happier if the game is released here…