I need a new anime

I would go to past “I need a new anime” thread’s but my needs are specific and plus I’m lazy. I seem to have developed a dark, peculiar taste for anime meaning I can’t stand any silly happy-happy anime (excluding Sailor Moon and Trigun), anymore.

Sooooo does anyone know of any good shit that does NOT involve any type of mecha/robotic dudes, or chibi persons? An anime that has at least one major romance? (I’m a sucker for love ) A dark, anime that has at least some action? An anime that has a nice brooding bishounen?

I recently got into Ayashi no Ceres (which contains almost all of the above) but the version I got was so horribly subbed I gave up. I like weird stuff like that.

I’m not into Serial Experiments lain kinda stuff either, not usually.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> X

High on Brooding Bishouhen
Multiple love stories (although not always romantically)
Pretty dark
Good amount of action
Interesting story

24 episodes long, being served in #rpgc by me, and I think Epic has it too. DS might have it as well.

Ohh that’s right! I started watching that on DVD, it’s great, I haven’t watched the whole series…thanks for reminding me.

Do any of you have them in english? Yeah I’m that kinda girl…with the amount of dialogue in X I find it hard to read the subs continuously while trying to catch everything that’s going on…so I favour english.

Kare Kano.
It has just about all the things you mentioned. More than one bishie even.

X would fit too.

Yeah! I remember checking out KK awhile ago and it looked appealing to me. Keep them coming guys :yipee:

I needed room so I burned and deleted X off my hard drive.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Sorry, I only have the subs. I’m not really big on dubs :confused:

let me think,maybe Rurouni Kenshin?is not dark but you might enjoy it,and try maybe Nightwalker

Witch Hunter Robin, perhaps. I only watched the first half of the series, but it certainly had a developing romance. Quite dark, too.

Before anyone suggests Hellsing, it does not have any romance in it.

Wolf’s Rain:

no mechas
no annoying chibis
a strange romance
and a rather gloomy plot

not to forget the great soundtrack!

There are 26 episodes and an additional OVA. The series is from the same studio as cowboy bebop (but much better).

I don’t care HOW much you hate silliness, go watch LH. It has the best romance of any anime series EVER, though Keitaro isn’t exactly a bishie.

If you’re looking for movies as well, the Bebop Movie and Princess Mononoke seem to fit your taste.

Oh, and another suggestion would be Angel Sanctuary. Haven’t seen it myself though, but from what I’ve heard about it, it’s almost exactly what you want. But I HAVE NOT seen it, so don’t be dissappointed if you watch it and it sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Suggestion for Kenshin- I’m debating watching it but kenshin reminds me too much of my boyfriend so I’m such a baby I refuse to watch the sad parts :stuck_out_tongue:

Suggestion for WHR: Haha well, that just so happens to be my favorite anime of all time. My avatar is Amon, Robin’s obsession. I love love love WHR to death.

Suggestion for Wolf’s Rain- I’ve heard about it, went to check it out before, but never did. I will now, though.

What is LH?

I’ve seen Princess Mononoke (loved it) and Angel Sanctuary as well. That was my first anime I ever rented, and I wish there was more to it, dammit. I love AS.

LH is Love Hina. It’s the most beautiful anime I’ve ever seen.

The LH Winter Special was so emotional it made me cry >>;;

And watch Escaflowne if you haven’t.

Oh sorry. Yeah I was never really interested in Love Hina just because. I don’t know why, it just never appealed to me dodges fanboys

I’ve seen Vision of Escaflowne and really liked that too.

You could always try Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius), it’s currently being released on DVD so if you want to buy it you can.

I don’t know if you’ve read “The Lord of the Flies” or have at least heard of it, but it’s about a group of school aged students whose plane crashes on a deserted island and during the crash all the adults are killed. They’re therefore left to their own devices and while things start out fairly idyllic they quickly go from bad to worst until at one point the children brutally murder one of their own. It’s a very dark story that might be right up your alley.

Anyway, Infinite Ryvius is based on the same idea, there’s a group of students on a space station and during a solar storm their attacked by the military. Somehow, most of the students make it to a mysterious ship called the Ryvius just before the station is destroyed, but during the evacuation all the teachers are killed, the students are thus left to fend for themselves with the military still chasing after them for some unknown reason. They’re chased halfway around the solar system with the navy constantly after them and the stress of the situation causes the students to constantly revolt and overthrow the group that’s in power, only to allow them to be replaced by an even worst bunch. At the same time you have a few of the main characters slowly sinking into insanity and it’s interesting to see how they change from “nice guy” to “cold blooded dictator.”

It’s definitely worth your time.

They does indeed sound interesting. I am now tempted to check both the book and anime out.

A forewarning: the love interest in Angel Sanctuary is interfamily.

The fact that Setsuna is an angel whose name escapes me right now I’ve heard kind of “makes up” for that (since he’s housing something inside of him, his actions may not be his own). Still, I doubt she’s entirely the cause of Setsuna’s love for his sister .

Try Haibane Renmai. No mechs, a darj(ish) storyline in places, and (although since I’ve only seen two episodes I can’t be sure) romance also. The characters do have kyoot ickle halos and wings, but they have the habit of bursting bloodily out of the character’s backs first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Infinite Ryvius is excellent. I’ve only seen the first few episodes, but I’d definitely recommend it.