I need a job

I’m looking for a summer job and I never realized how difficult it is. I’ve never worked before, so I’m trying to get into the transition of leaving the lazy teenage life behind to start learning how to be an independent young woman ™. But yeah, I figured since it’s summertime, a shitload of people would be hiring. Well I’ve distributed nearly 2 dozen resumes in the past 2 and a half weeks, and I am currently still waiting to at least get a call for an interview.

I am so bummed out. I want to work this summer because I absolutely do not want to waste away being a comp screen like last summer. Plus I need some money and I’m a shopaholic. Oh yeah and I need to start saving more for college too. So here’s to hoping. But damn, I’ve been all over job banks, the newspaper and walking around malls, and I can’t stand the wait. Has anyone else had any trouble? Or in the same boat I am? Any hopefuly advice? ;_; My mom said someone’s interested in having me babysit, but I wont do it. I need a “starter job”, a real job to put on a resume so it isn’t so bare, not some random child watching thing.

Please console me. or tell me stories about how jobless you are so I don’t feel bad. or for those who are good people, tell me how to get a job and whatnot. It’s not unheard of to be discouraged after two weeks is it…? :\

Yeah, it’s pretty in ontario to get a decent job, but the Blockbuster I worked at last summer, might hire me again.

They might

I got a job for you, baby

Charlemagne, I knew you’d say something like that. I was just waiting for it.

Anyways NB, at least you HAD one ;_; I have the shitty task of trying to break into the workforce. Like, half of my school has jobs. Why is it so hard for me?

Getting a job when you’re under 18 is tough. Look specifically for the places that are known to employ teenagers: lifeguards, kid centers (Like the Jungle or Discovery Zone), or working as a referee were popular in my area. I would also suggest under the table odd jobs at schools (Painting fences, carrying loads, and the like) but I don’t know if it would be harder for a girl to get a job like that.

If you’re just trying to help develop a resume then go for volunteer work, it’s a great way to buff up an otherwise weak resume, is spiritually fulfilling, and your teachers may give extra credit for doing it.

Also you mentioned that half your school has jobs, work at the same places they do. I know that when I was in high school it seemed like EVERYONE had worked at this place called Bamboola at one time or another.

I’m looking for a job too. I almost got a job at a used cd store a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t think of any real skills I had so I just wrote down “Great at keeping ghosts at bay”. They didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

Yeah i’ve done volunteer work, 200 hours, actually. its the only thing that makes my resume look good, haha. I worked in an animal shelter, and I am now working in a wildlife facility, but it’s kinda hard trying to get a job at an actual vet…unless I were to work as a receptionist, but Im debating whether to go scout out animal hospitals or not. If they can use me.

But yeah the painting and landscaping…I looked today…like 40 hour jobs, looking for someone physically fit…I’m kinda weak, and Im sure I cant do 40 hours right away…I need something to start me off.

hahaha Vic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

My first job was at a chocolate factory… basically I walked in, filled out an application, and the next day was hired. I had no experience whatsoever, and this was the summer before my first year of college. Pretty much the only thing I COULD put on my resume was that I was entering college and that I had been a student aide for 2 years. So… I think I got lucky. :stuck_out_tongue: But I applied at a couple places before that and got no response, so you just need to keep looking and don’t lose hope. Cool stuff happens when you least expect it. <.<

that must be why you’re so sweet!

Baby sitting is a great starter job, buddy. You can put that on resumés and brag that you are responsible, etc.

Weeeeell I’ve already babysat for three years, so I was hoping to go beyond that…

You can always be a fry-monger.

I got my first real job at 18, I think. I was doing surveys on the phone. :stuck_out_tongue: That was a pathetic thing to put on my resume since I got a lot of “Oh yeah, you’re the lady who calls at 6 PM to bother us while we’re eating! - followed by a fake laugh” in my job interviews afterwards. Anyway, most of my friends had jobs in grocery stores, restaurants (like Subway) or as secretaries. Ask those people who already have a job where they’re working, like CH said.

A fry monger? Dare I ask? Like a McDonalds employee?

I have heard in my school that the phone surveying thing is quite good. Up to 40 000 a year, and a lot of students are trying to get at this one place. But yeah I guess I have to start paying attention to where students work. A lot of it is in grocery stores, which I have dropped off resumes to…but I dunno the wait involved is discouraging…

being a secretary sounds like it’d be good for me. I never thought of such a position before. I figured I’d be too young…

What are your proficiencies? Despite your age you should go for work you either excel at or enjoy, hopefully even both.

Yeah, I forgot about the phone surveying things in schools. If you’ve heard it was good in yours, then it might be worth the try. I don’t think you’re too young to be a secretary (or a receptionist of some sorts), but you’ll have to prove how good and responsible you are. There are a lot of places that hire those such as real-estate agencies and beauty salons and the like or however it’s called, only to name the less obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you can always work at resturants. I dunno if Chili’s is up where you are, but my friend gets paid pretty good for cleaning tables and tips. There is always the street corner too. >.>

What do you mean by proficiencies? Well I like to work with animals…or around animals…when I read through the replies of this thread a couple times I realized I should go the the local animal hospitals and see if they need anyone…maybe like Walhalla suggested, some type of receptionist. That’s the only area I’m skilled and trained in, and the only places I’d have a bigger chance at. Yes, I believe I will go bothering the vets tomorrow to try my luck.

Well, you can always work at resturants. I dunno if Chili’s is up where you are, but my friend gets paid pretty good for cleaning tables and tips. There is always the street corner too. >.>

I don’t know what it is, but working in restaurants bother me. I’m not too suited in dealing with the public that much, and I just despise that type of atmosphere. I don’t think I could waitress/clean. It just wouldn’t be something I’d enjoy. Plus my dad always told me he’d never catch me saying “Would you like fries with that?” Ever :stuck_out_tongue: He wont let me work at McDonalds or anything like that.

Hmm the street corner. Nope, don’t think I’ll ever go there.

Chili’s is not a fast food joint. Darn, I’d pay good money too eva!

Haha unh.

Well I was only assuming it was a fast food place. Silly nova scotian me twiddles thumbs