I love Katamari

Do you?

Has anyone played We Love Katamari? Is it as good as the first one? It doesnt even need to be better. Just being as good as the first will be enough for me to play it.

I’ve had it since it was released in Japan (but i did buy the NA release to support Namco >>;;), and I really like the “series”, and the concept that spawned the creation of the games, so anything i say here will be biased, but I’ll try to be fair.

The game itself is more of the same. Of course, as we all know, this is not a bad thing at all. Its more of the same level-based rolling fun. I know that in the run-up to the game, there were rumors that the game would lose it’s menus, and would be played totally in “rolling mode.” as cool as that would have been, it is untrue.

The only things that have been changed are:

> The menu screen. Instead of the little planet spinning around (reminiscent of “the little prince”, no?) it has been replaced with a meadow that you walk around in. everything is done in the meadow; there are really no submenus. Levels are launched from the meadow, and characters are picked, and everything.
> Two-player mode now has co-op. One person takes the left side, the other the right. it gets boring really fast. Challenge mode has been vastly improved, no longer do you fight in that stupid bowl-thing. You also have new “moves”, basically, a better look/lock on system.
> There are alot more “objective” levels, such as the “sign” levels in the old one. Remember how you had to collect certain objects to win stages? Like collecting all twins for the Capricorn sign? Since “we love katamari” is based on fulfilling the wishes of the (in game) fans, you have alot more levels like this.
> The music is pretty much all remixes of “katamari on the rocks.” in my opinion, the first soundtrack was superior.
> Levels are now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger. sadly, load times come up while you are playing to compensate for this :frowning:
> Way more collectibles. The gift system has been revamped, allowing for many more items to be collected (and you equip 3 at a time), and you also collect “cousins” in a much deeper manner than before. Also, there are “key items” scattered around. i don’t know exactly what they do yet, but the king will comment every time you roll over one.

tl;dr- You’ll probably like the first game more than this one. The new levels are really the only reason to play, though that is one hell of a reason, and definitely worth 30 bucks.

EDIT: I forgot to add that the cutscenes are revamped, and you get a backstory to each of the member’s of the royal family’s lives. Its not just that stupid “i hear the cosmos” thing it was in the first game.

still needs to play the original

Yeah, I can see how people could complain that the ten extra dollars was due soley to it’s unexpected popularity. But really for the rediculous amount of “more” put into “the same” (did that make sense? shrug) It’s still a hell of a deal.

I was aware of everything that would be new. I was really wondering how well it was implemented. Sounds pretty much like what I expected. As soon as my current transactions have cleared, I’ll see if I can spring for it.

Yeah, you do. C’mon! It’s only 20 bucks. Believe me, there are far worse things you can do 20 bucks.

Like importing it and modding his PS2 because he lives in Europe.

His location says CT…that’s a state in the US.

And also possibly Buying a New TV since mine is rubbish and it will not show 60Hz games.

One is Screwed playing Metroid Prime 2 with a TV that will not show 60Hz.

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Pokefreak or somebody?

My self?


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thats awsome!

:moogle: I think you mean Gemini.

That indiana jones animation is what-the-hillarious. Does this new game have a free mode? I just want to roll forever. No time limit.

I live in Europe. Send me it and your PS2.


For the FAIL

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Just finished the game today, and i’ve gotta say, the new eternal levels are AWESOME. You really get to appreciate the level design that went into the new levels. You just keep going and going and going. Remember how in the first one, once you hit a certain size, the level basically stopped, and you could roll over everything? This one, they have full areas for you to explore, even at massive sizes like ~85m and up. It makes “make the moon” seem tiny.

Of course, the new load times kind of take away from the immersion. Though, in all honesty, they’re not TOO bad. They’re equivalent to the loads you get in GTA, when you’re driving really fast from one area of town to the other.

So, they’re not like a stop and load kind of thing? They’re more of the fade in far away objects kind of load?

Yes and no. You watch it loading, and it is doing a “fade in”, and you could keep playing, however, the game forces the king to pop up and talk to you…i guess to keep the game flowing or something. It is kind of annoying, because he talks longer than the load (usually it has something to do with him and the person making the request).