I love Katamari

I just bought Katamari Damacy over the weekend. I saw it in the store and thought it looked cool. This game kicks ass!!! It is so strange though. Its like they made it while tripping on acid.

But I didn’t know there was more than one. Is Damacy the first or second one?

I just bought the sequel. I love the “story”, and the new levels are certainly enough to make it stand out from the first game, but somehow I get bored of it quicker.

Is the sequel just called Katamari Damacy 2?

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send plz


Oh! I feel it. I feel the cosmos!

EDIT: How do you unlock the Eternal levels in Damacy?

No, it’s called “We Love Katamari”

But your question brings an interesting orginzational issue. I have my games shelved in ABC order. Should I put this one next to Katamari Damacy, or should I put it under W for We Love Katamari?

I think it should go next to Damacy.

I came upon this same problem back in the NES days. The Legend of Zelda (L) was followed by Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link (Z), but I still put it under L, next to the first one.

Good point

So DR, do you know how to unlock the Eternal levels in Katamari Damacy?

I dont know. I’ve never even heard of it.

I heard somewhere that you can unlock Eternal levels, which don’t have a time limit. You just roll around and get as big as you can.

Cooooool. I’ll have to look for that.

try gamefaqs.

i’m told that it is highly addictive. that’s why i haven’t tried it. i’m already addicted to music halo fable and more music, not to mention playing my guitar. i don’t need anything else to be addicted to.

You have to get wayyyyyy beyond the specified size on certain levels. Quoting from the asshole of the internet (aka gamefaqs):

Eternal 1 - Build up the ball past 1m30cm in Make a Star 4 (second easiest)
Eternal 2 - Build up the ball past 25m in Make a Star 8 (easiest)
Eternal 3 - Build up the ball past 800m in Make the Moon (fyi, this is pretty fucking hard, considering there are only enough materials in the stage to get to around 830 meters, and the ball rolls so slow)

I still have yet to unlock a single eternal on Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy, the Japanese version of We Love Katamari, which i’ve had since summer. I can’t get a straight answer from anyone about the existance of eternals in WLK, which worries me. Why would they remove the greatest elements of the first game from the second? There has got to be a way to unlock them. The only verification of their existance i’ve recieved is that in their review and preview of the game, EGM commented on how well the new levels play in eternal mode. Either they were lying, or know something we/i don’t know.


Oh, and dave, if you like the game, pick up the soundtrack. The soundtrack to first KD is amazing, and is something you can listen to all the time, given the variety of the tracks. And since most songs are influenced by a paticular (offbeat) genre, rahter than just videogames, its not AS nerdy :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve actually gone and picked up a copy (yes, i actually bought a CD) of the guy who sings “Que Sera Sera”, (Charlie Kosei…the song that sounds like it is sung by sinatra), because i liked it so much.

(the second soundtrack is slightly less “oh my fucking god this music rocks” inducing, as all the songs are remixes, except for like, blue orb and disco prince)

Thanks for the info, Dev.

Where did you find the soundtrack? Am I going to have to track it down online?

Yea, i got it off of <a href=“http://play-asia.com”>play-asia</a>, and unless namco brought it over, i think you’ll still need to import. If you do wind up getting it (and from play asia) lemme know, i have a 5$ off coupon i can hook you up with.

Thanks a lot. I can’t get onto that site right now, (I’m at work) but I’ll check it out when I get home. I’ll PM you if I end up ordering from them.

The music in Katamari is definitely cool enought to have on cd.

I’ve been meaning to get the Samurai Champloo OSTs also…

I already know it’s gonna be as good as the first one, that’s obvious. Plus, there’s a sumo wresler who absorbs food through his crotch!!! ::dekar!:: :mwahaha:

(sorry, necropost, I haven’t been around in a few days… -_-)

I’m not as happy with the soundtrack in W♥K, but I’m especially not happy with the lack of Eternal mode. However, despite that, I still love the game. I think it’s phenomenal compared to most games on the market, but I still prefer Damacy.