I just want to say, I really do like this messageboard

I really do. I love you all. Even the assholes, (even Hades :P) I love you too.

I tried frequenting one forum- the animenewsnetwork forum (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/bbs/phpBB2/) I post as I do here, and I’m finding posts being deleted, and threads being inexplicably locked. Apparently they have a rediculous set of rules, and fucking mods who are not mods so much as fucking forum nazis, who are probably weak, pimply faced 12 year olds who get pushed around at school, stuffed in their lockers, strung up on the flag pole, whatever, and feel some sense of power by bitching others out on a messageboard for whatever reason. Does that make them feel special? “Yehehehehe, I put him in his place!!!111 SNORT” Fuckers.

I dunno how many of you remember way back when I first joined, I stirred up a lot of shit, and was on a temp. ban. I want to apologize for that.

The rules here are simple- Dont act like an asshole and you wont be banned. What more do you need?

ty man i appreciate it : ) alot of times i worry my posting goes unnoticed…glad to hear im making a difference

ur band

Except you. I cannot stand you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next step is to make it so that the world sees this board as an example for the future generation on morals and ethics. No one would be called an intellectual without following the conduct displayed by the members.

Yeah we sure are the mensa of the internets

Am I an asshole? :o

Wat about teh womens? thx

Pretty much.

Yeah, I’m a an RPG player and this site is great for that, but the REAL reason I’ve hung around here (has it been 5 years already?) is because I like most of the people here.

We like to dump on the site a lot, but RPGC is a great site, and we really need to take a moment sometimes to remember it (and thank the people who maintain it.)

Thanks guys!:cool:

dear god i’ve been here since i was 14

i hate you for reminding me of that, wilf.

…oh fuck, I’ve been here since I was 12. Dammit, Steve. You did to me what Wilf did to you. Asshole >=(

Let’s not delve too deeply into who does whose asshole.

Shouldn’t you be in class?

The nice thing about RPGC is that there is a good amount of people so that the forums are active, but not so many that we’re inundated by the masses of ignorant, foolish, and lazy people.

I was…10 when I joined, I think…wow.


And now you’re apparently 13. However, your typing skills are better than some 18-year-olds. I salute you.

Not at 11 PM you cock.

Even the worst here are a cut above what I would normally find reasonable on other fourms.:toast: