I just want to say, I really do like this messageboard

I joined when I was… 20. Which means I’ve been here longer than most of you, since that was in 2000. 8p
But yes, the ratio of semi-sensible to horrible posts does seem to be much higher here than elsewhere, which is nice.

I suggest you kiss more ass before asking for something.

Best of luck rimming the mods! :smiley:


I’ve been around since RPGC was the FFV shrine with the gold text logo, but I didn’t really get involved until the Ezboards. I did know a few people long before that though from Starcraft like Rast, Sin, and Hiei. And maybe Bahamut? I can’t remember if he played. They all made me look like an amateur back then though, I guess because I was.

On another note: Holy tits, SC is a decade old and I still play it somewhat regularly :stuck_out_tongue:

I salute your other note. Sweet, sweet SC.

I was here before the internet was invented by Dan Quayle. It’s been all right.

It’s been close to ten years for me too. Pity all I’ve ever really contributed was an SPC archive that died out with the Jim-transfer, and a second-rate sprite comic. But like so many others, it’s the people that are awesome and make me stay.

…even if I’m idle in the chatroom 99 percent of the time.

Awww, that’s so nice. Everyone’s been on this site for a rather long time I see. How cool. ^^

I think I joined when I was 16, so it doesn’t feel like too long ago.


I really need to start frequenting this place like I did about a year ago…-_- Good luck with your plight.

Great, now I feel like a relic for knowing exactly what text logo you’re talking about.

I also remember when I caused the miva boards to explode, boy did I feel stupid back then.

This unfortunatly confirms that I’m an oldie to the site. I think I started visiting in…95? Not much later than that, I was definitly in highschool back then and discovering FF5.

I met the others and things went from there. My memory’s hazy but I think in 97 I met the more local gang for the first time, at Betters. Sinistral and Hiei were there, and from that point it’s pretty much history.

We even met Igatona once at such a trip to that restaurant, for those who remember that guy.

I’m only a moderately old member, being here for… four and a half years now. I remember joining two days before my 15th birthday, and since then… well, thanks, everyone. You’ve definitely helped me become a better person since then. Seriously.

I think I joined when I was twelve or thirteen, and now I’m sixteen. This really is a great forum with a great group of people and its ability to keep ao many people here that long shows it.

I’m just here for the staff porn nowadays, really. :dancer:

OMG, I LOVE U GUYZ!!!111 <3 <3 <3:moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

Yeah, I’ve seen many messageboards, and this is one of the better ones. Probably because we <s>eat our young</s> have such great board-members and moderators.

Oh man. I’ve been here for… 5 years now, almost? Maybe four, it’s fuzzy.

I joined last week! HUZZAH!

I enjoy abusing my power on you peons and subverting you under my iron fist.

And I admit to being tempted to editing your post in an unflattering manner.

And I am tempted to remove your mod powers. Peon.

I love you too, 984.