I haven't a clue where to post this; shrining.

Yeah. I’d like to shrine something. I’m looking to shrine .hack//INFECTION, for the PS2. But another game on the list caught my eye, Deception for PSX… what is this game? I have Deception III: Dark Delusions, for PSX… is this the same series?

If this is in the wrong forum; please move it; and please provide any information you can to how to make a shrine, that I might miss on the introduction page.

Just look at current examples of shrines. Detailed shrines.

And you have to email Hiryuu.


Two things you should know if you’re gonna shrine something: Don’t expect it to be easy or quick, and don’t expect it to be truly done when you think it’s done.

Do I have to take care of everything in the shrine? I can’t do shit on HTML. So, I’m uncapable of working with that. But the rest I can figure out.

Hiryuu? E-mail?

Well, that sucks for you, then. You do have to do everything.

Okay… I’ll quickly take an overview on how to make tables and such. Maybe try and learn it quickly.

Wait… what type of HTML must I know? I know I’d need tables, but what else?

Or you can find a partner who knows HTML and let him/her handle that part.

Yeah, that’s what I thought I could do. But TD said otherwise.

I think he meant that you had to do it by yourself if you wanted SOLE credit. But I think RPGC Shrines have been done by teams before, with shared credit.

TD? Verification/denial?

Yes, you can con some monkey into doing your HTML for you, but he’d need credit of course.

Okay. Does it have to be someone from RPGC, or can it be an unrelated website; and I give credit to him outside of RPGC?

It can be anyone you want, and no, credit goes in the shrine itself. Depending on the amount of involvement and all that which you’ll work out between yourselves, the other person might become staff as well. Like the whole two maintainer scenario.

HTML isn’t too hard to pick up. If you understand the very basics, you can just use RPGC’s HTML guide and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

You’ll need to know tables and tags (bold, italics, underlining) and maybe bullet-pointed lists. It’s not hard.

Setz, just read the entire guide. That’s what it’s there for.


And my honest appraisal is that Setz should not come anywhere within ten feet of the join page.

BigNutter did.

edit; hahahahahahah

I am not bashing Nutter by this since… well, I got bored of doing it, but what happened to what the guide says about having propper grammar and stuff like that? Sure, the grammar used on the shrine is at least ten times better than what he makes us read here, but it’s still below average.