I have reached the boiling point!

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> I hate to sound negative all the time, but sometimes commericals just boil my blood insert Boiling Blood from Final Fantasy Legend 2 here to the point of shattering the tv or radio. Note when I used to visit the chat all the time I would yell this out, driving everyone insane, but it just because it makes me feel better. But this…it time for you all to realise something that been driving me buggy for the past couple of months…Aktins!

I am sicked and tired of hearing about low carbs, south beach, aktins friendly, no crust, ditch the bread, or any other variation of this term. Note that while I hate the ads, I acually hold no grudge against members who are on the diet (SG). It just every five minutes, I will get slammed with at least TWO reminders of this diet. Either a lousy Subway ad, or some stupid V8 drink saying it has - 32 carbs. Even the radio gets to play lame ads for this diet, either having some stupid female talk about being on the diet or stupid Beer products saying they have about - 24312321 carbs. Sorry if I made any of you mad, but this is something that is bugging me for the longest time.

Just note, there are more ads that are annoying (organ donator, stupid Pringle ads), but this one takes the cake. Hmmm…might as well make it a topic by asking what your least favorite ads on tv. And please…no yelling at people here, I just don’t like the ads, not the people on the diet.

Atkins is bullshit. So are other diets. Its amazing how many people don’t get the concept of restraint. I feel how you feel about these kinda things, which also includes irrational protest against GM foods.

You don’t want to get fat, you don’t buy fatty foods.

Plus some of those diets are really dangerous. They did a program on C4 a while back. If you’re on one for long enough it becomes so you CAN’T start eating normally again. :\

Remember when they had the ads for Tic-tacs saying how many calories they had? If you care about calories when having a breath mint, you have a fucking problem I say.

I don’t know, Rirse, but even if I were on a diet, I wouldn’t be offended by your comments about those ads. :stuck_out_tongue: Balanced and constant eating habits are always the best anyway.

Epic: So true. Same thing goes for beer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pssh. Atkins-friendly this, Atkins-friendly that…those ads can all kiss my Atkins-friendly ass!

On another note, I really, really hate Old Navy commercials. And 90% of car commercials, simpy beacause there’s way too many of them.

Heh, that’s funny GG, my dad was just talking about this. He said a friend of his came over to watch hockey (His friend doesn’t get any TV where he lives), and it had been years since he watched any regularly. Apparently the guy was just shocked at how horrible commercial were, he said this was why everyone was unhappy, because the commercials keep telling you to buy this or that or you won’t be fulfilled.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Ahh, thanks for the comments guy. I really like the quote you said, Epicgamer. It really sums up any ad for beer or fricking V8. Does anyone even care about counting carbs when they want to get drunk off their ass?

Sinistral, I lost 44 pounds on the Atkins diet. And, now that I’m off, the weight has stayed off. That’s not bullshit to me. :stuck_out_tongue: You can say or think whatever you want. It can be unhealthy if you’re on it for too long, but it’s not ‘bullshit’. It wouldn’t be so successful if it works.

…HOWEVER, what I will concede to, is that Atkins-friendly food that people are coming out with, is bullshit. :stuck_out_tongue: Since the amount of carbohydrates you consume is supposed to be really low, you need to count carbs like mad. Atkins friendly food, about 1 serving, has about 1/2 to 3/4 of the carbs you’re supposed to have in a day. So, atkins dieters don’t take note of this, and they eat a ton. Since it’s atkins friendly food, it must HELP them lost weight, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, they never lose weight. My dad started that bullshit and now he’s still on it, has been since December. And, I weigh less than him. A crazy occurence since I DID weigh more than him :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, so FUCK Atkins food.

In other words you lost weight because you…




No, Loki :stuck_out_tongue: I eat just as much food now as I did when I was overweight. :stuck_out_tongue: When I GOT overweight though, I ate a ton more. Carbohydrates don’t make you overweight, they keep you at your weight (granted you’re not overeating :P). But, in the Atkins diet, no, I didn’t really technically eat less food. When you do the Atkins diet, you ‘eat till you’re full’. So, no Loki, I didn’t eat less food. You can try and see it any way you like, but I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

one of the main Criticisms of the atkins diet is that some peoples systems cant cope when the come off the diet or when they start. I know someone who ended up in hospital with some sort of intestinal problem due to the change in diet.

300 crunches a day, 3 sets of 100
80 bench presses w/70 pounds, 4 sets of 20
90 curls w/30 pounds, 3 sets of 30
90 backarms w/40 pounds, 3 sets of 30
Adjust the weight to lower if you can’t do it.

Find a gym, or use household objects of similar weight. It’s free and you don’t just lose weight, you look good. You don’t need to do diets, don’t even need to avoid fast food or whatever. Just don’t gorge yourself every time you eat, don’t eat right before you go to sleep, and do that workout sometime during your day (takes about an hour).

Meh, most car commercials rock these days. Unless you are referring to the car <i>dealership</i> commercials. Those do suck, its just like, some guy yelling at another guy about how insane his prices are.

But car commercials rock. Like most volkswagen commercials. And that audi commercial with “dan”.

Ditech commercials. You know, that fat guy that moans about “losing another loan to Ditech”. God, every time I see one I wanna scream, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

Naturally, the newest commercial is simply a collection of all the other commercials, with those damning words repeated about seventy million times.

The best car commercial is the one where the two guys are in the car and they’re like “It smells so nice… it reminds me of spring…” “yeah…and elderberries…” and then the guy’s wife opens the door and the guy’s like “SO, IS THIS ENGINE CAPABLE OF GIVING ME THE POWER I NEED???” in a grizzly voice, and it’s just hillarious to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

This is basically why I stop watching television. It’s getting harder to quell my urges to beat something into a bloody pulp, and hopefully not someone.

It’s so hard, being a semi-pacifist.

Atkins makes you weaker and, due to a psychological trick that since you’re not eating carbs, you’re already getting thinner and can eat all the sticks of butter and bacon grease you want, fatter, thereby spurring the people getting fatter to get even deeper into Atkins.

And yes, commercials blow. But without them, we’d have no TV, so we’ve gotta learn to deal.

Want to lose weight?
Go outside!

I barely only watch NRK: They’re free of advertisements!

I couldn’t agree more. Although “dieting” in as much as cutting down on candy and chips, is also very helpful.